7 Best Outdoor Sports For A Healthy Summer

7 Best Outdoor Sports For A Healthy Summer

We still have a bit of summer to go on, and let’s be honest – autumn is pretty great for outdoorsy workouts anyway. So have a look at these outdoor sports and see which ones you want to try this weekend!

Outdoor Sports For This Summer

1. Tennis

Tennis is an amazing outdoor sport and exercise because it can help you burn up to 550 calories an hour. You can play with anyone, and remember, the more inexperienced your partner is at tennis, the more running you’ll have to do…. so the more calories you will burn! Besides, this is a sport that helps you develop sexy svelte arms, shoulder, and back muscles.

Outdoor sport Tennis

2. Beach Volleyball

If you don’t forget the sun block, beach volleyball can be one of the best outdoor sports for you. It can help you step up your fat loss game, as it can help you burn up to 550 calories an hour when played intensively. Each serve helps tone those arms, and since volleyball is so dynamic you also get a great abs, legs and chest exercise as well. Remember there are many beach volleyball courts in cities, so find your nearest and play even when you’re not on vacation!

Outdoor sport Beach volleyball

3. Swimming

We’ve talked about swimming in a previous post, but just in case you needed an extra outdoor sport and exercise idea, this is perfect for these last days of summer.  Swimming laps can burn even 480 calories an hour, and this is a great full-body exercise, meaning it engages all the main muscle groups in your body. It’s a particularly great exercise for runners who need a break from pounding the pavement, as this outdoor exercise is very kind of the ankles and knees, and it provides cardio endurance without stressing the joints too much.

Outdoor sport Swimming

4. Cycling

We can call it an outdoor sport, or we can call it commuting. Cycling is, happily, both a hobby and a means of getting to work earlier. You can grab your bike and go on a fun family trip this weekend, or you can get a bit of cardio each morning and evening on your way to and from work. Believe it or not, cycling can be faster than taking the car, especially on rush hour. You can burn anywhere from 200 calories an hour at an easy pace, to 480 calories an hour if you take it up a notch.

Outdoor sport Cycling

5. Golf

It may not look like a very active type of outdoor sport, but golf can help you burn even 300 calories an hour. If you think about it, you need to walk a lot, and hitting the ball takes a lot of practice. It’s like a workout for your upper body and your lower body, all in one, except it’s such a relaxing sport you barely feel the pressure of a workout.

Outdoor sport golf

6. Hiking

If you want to get out of town this weekend, hiking is one of the most relaxing outdoor exercises you could try. It can get you in some amazing landscapes which you couldn’t possibly appreciate as much from a car, and it can help you get your calorie burning on! In one hour of hiking you can burn up to 440 calories. And when the mountain is steep and the view breathtaking, or the forest is beautiful, you don’t even notice that you’re in fact doing a pretty tough workout.


6. Gardening

I know this is not your typical outdoor exercise and not even a sport, but gardening can in fact be both relaxing and fat-burning! You can catch up on your gardening this weekend knowing that you can burn up to 300 calories an hour. Remember gardening is not just looking at your pretty flowers- it takes bending and twisting, and you’d be amazed at how many muscles that engages.

What are your plans for this weekend, and what outdoor sport will you choose? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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