50 Science-Backed Weight Loss Strategies

50 Science-Backed Weight Loss Strategies

If you’re looking for slimming tips and advice, check out these 50 science-backed weight loss strategies that’ll help you get in shape asap.

Healthy habits go out of the window and all weight loss strategies fade when you are under a tight deadline. When you don’t have enough time for the gym or to follow any kind of diet plan, burning excess fat is not an easy task at all.

Doing it even in a healthy way is very difficult. We should try making small changes every day rather than making any drastic changes.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that just because some diet plans and weight loss strategies work for someone does not mean they will work for you as well. You have to find your own strategy and stick with it!

50 Weight Loss Strategies

Here we have rounded up 50 science-backed weight loss strategies that’ll help you shed a few pounds and build a lean and muscular body. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Browse The Perimeter Of Food Products

Next time, when you go grocery shopping, browse the perimeter of the shop before filling your shopping bag. The edges of the grocery store produce fresh products, fish, and meat items while inner aisles contain more pre-packaged items.

Browsing the perimeter will help you determine how many processed additives you put in your basket.

2. Go Colourful

Yes, this is the reason that restaurants use decorative plates to make the dish look more attractive and delicious. And when the dish looks attractive, it is obvious that you will eat more.

3. Fill Your Freezer With Healthy Items

Make an effort to fill your freezer with healthy food items such as frozen veggie mix or berries. However, keep in mind that healthy food item does not need to be pricey.

4. Eat Healthy Snacks

Skipping snacks is not a good idea to lose weight. Low-calorie consumption can lower the level of metabolism in the body.

Therefore, the specialists at Vegan Liftz suggest eating healthy snacks between breakfast and lunch, every day.

5. Make Yourself Busy In The Kitchen

Cooking does not take much time. Start by making small yet healthy dishes that take just 12 minutes and not more than that.

6. Eat Breakfast Every Day

Skipping breakfast for saving your appetite for dinner is not a good idea. Stick to a healthy breakfast that contains lots of protein. It will work effectively to lose weight.

7. Serve Food In Restaurant Style

Instead of lining up a bread basket and salad plate on the table, leave food in a place that is out of your reach. Changing the serving will reduce your food intake.

8. Use Small Plates

Over the years, the sizes of plates have changed a lot. When you sit down for lunch or dinner, choose to eat on a small-sized plate instead of a tray that will make your plate look fuller with less food. In this way, you will end up eating less amount of food.

9. Freeze What You Will Not Serve

Once your meal preparation is done, serve yourself with a sufficient amount and then package up the rest in the fridge. When your food is out of sight, you are less likely to choose the second option.

10. Chew Slowly

Eating slowly may not fit perfectly in your busy schedule, but it really helps. So, just slow down and take a few seconds to savor.

11. Wait Before Grabbing

The quicker you eat up your meal, the less time your body will get to register fullness. Therefore, it is best to get up from the table before moving to deserts.

12. Eat Snacks Before Dining Out

Grabbing an apple or eating a small cup of yogurt before dining out can make sure that you eat a reasonable amount of food.

13. Sneak In Veggies

Add veggies in omelets, pasta, and baked items. This will make you feel fuller faster.

14. Grab A Handful And Not The Whole Bag

When snack time arrives, we become uncontrollable. Instead of grabbing a full packet of chips, grab a handful and then seal the bag. This is one of the important weight loss strategies.

15. Turn Back On Temptation

The closer you place food in your line of vision, the more likely you are going to eat them. Therefore, place them out of your eyes so that you don’t feel hungry often to eat food.

16. Focus On Fiber-Rich Foods

Eating high fiber-rich food items or vegetables like legumes can make you feel fuller for longer. Snack on some high-fiber picks like a stuffed baked apple, oats, etc.

17. Eat More Protein

Protein food helps in maintaining a healthy and fit body. High protein diets contain greater satiety.

18. Avoid Eating Carbohydrates

You just simply avoid eating carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread, pastries, refined sugar, etc. Instead of these, choose whole grains.

19. Make Some Space For Healthy Fats

Avoiding eating butter and oil can help you slash extra calories from the body, but it is also important to keep in mind that our body needs fat-rich food as a source of energy.

20. Make Substitutions For Calorie-Rich Food

Make simple swaps such as yogurt in place of sour cream, prunes in place of butter, or Americano in place of latte. All these substitute items help to cut sugar and calories.

21. Stop Taking Added Sugar

Added sugar increases the risks for various types of heart diseases and obesity. Therefore, it is best to stick to the sugar that comes in natural form and avoid taking added sugar.

22. Skip Frying

Even healthy food can prove harmful for your body if you put them in a fryer. Instead of using pan-fry, use non-stick spray or rub oil onto the pan that creates a light coating and your food will not turn unhealthy.

23. Chew Mint Gum

Chewing sugar-free gum may not prove so helpful for losing fat, but studies proved that it lowers the craving for salty or sweet snacks and thereby decreases your hunger.

24. Eat Fruits Rather Than Drinking Fruit Juice

Juice contains sugar. Take an apple for instance – an apple juice box contains almost double of sugar and less fiber than an apple fruit.

25. Add Spice In The Form Of Cayenne Pepper

Canny pepper not only helps in boosting your body metabolism but also cuts your cravings for sugary or salty food items.

26. Save Food For Later

Whatever you eat, save some for later. The benefit is that it will reduce your intake, and you will have something to eat for lunch tomorrow.

Along with healthy food habits for losing weight, you will get some helpful tips for drinking as well that help you lose extra calories from the body.

27. Make a habit to drink green tea

Drinking green tea is one of the best habits to shed extra calories, and that is why green tea is known for metabolizing fat.

28. Drink Water Before You Eat

Take mid-meal breaks and guzzle a little water that gives your brain some time to register fullness.

29. Cut Back Liquid Calories

Orange juice, French toast, cheese, wine-like food items apparently require liquid counterparts. Avoid drinking sugar-sweetened beverages which are associated with blood pressure and body fat.

30. Drink Lots Of Water

Kick out dietary beverages or sugar water, drink plenty of water and reduce the risk of obesity.

31. Water Down While Drinking

Whenever you have a swig of juice, just water it down. It may sound a bit unappealing but adding more water to less juice will make your drink healthy and tasty.

32. Choose To Drink In A Thin And Tall Glass

When you go for hanging out with your friends, you cannot say No to juice or a cocktail. Choose to drink in a thin, tall glass instead of a squatty one.

However, along with these food and drinking habits, it is also important to keep yourself relaxed and stress-free. Here are some tips for being mindful.

33. Set Achievable Goals

It is easy to set realistic goals, especially for New Year’s resolutions. Setting impractical goals can slow down your weight loss strategies; therefore, it is important that you must address your goals before taking up any diet plan.

34. Brush Your Teeth After Dinner

Brush your teeth after dinner. This will not only give you plenty of oral health benefits but also keep you from mindless snacking.

35. Always Keep Portions In Check

Portion control plays an important role in losing weight.

36. Think On It

How much satiated we feel for hours after eating does not depend on how much we scarfed down. It actually depends on how much we think we ate.

37. Read Motivating Mantras

Sometimes, we just only need a little motivation to stick to our aim. Read some motivational mantras. It will help you stick to your goal.

38. Make Some Time For Meditation

Just as we eat to make ourselves feel better, similarly, to make our body feels better and to relax our brain and muscle, we must give some time to meditation.

39. Don’t Subtract, But Add

Instead of cutting cookies, pastries and cakes, focus on adding healthy food items to your diet plan.

40. Visualise Your Goals

When you feel that you have lost a few pounds, you can acknowledge that change which is necessary for successful weight loss.

41. De-stress Yourself

Stress can trigger hunger. Therefore, if you feel pressure due to work or family burdens, try out some stress relief ways to de-stress yourself.

42. Change Habits One By One

Changing habits is no doubt a tough task and trying a handful is no less than an impossible task. Therefore, it is better to change habits one at a time.

43. Sleep Smart

Sleep not only helps in reducing stress but also prevents depression and thereby gradually sheds extra weight or calories.

44. Establish A Social Network

Check out various online communities and take part in discussions that provide you encouragement and support.

45. Choose An App To Track Your Progress

A recent study shows that an app can better track your progress than you can do it with a pen and paper. It is an excellent way to regulate behavior and make mindful choices regarding food. The app plays an important role in weight loss strategies.

46. Choose A Wearable That Really Works For You

Choosing a wearable can help you a lot to actually gauge how much you are forwarded towards your goal.

47. Turn On Music While Exercising

Always turn on music while exercising. This will boost your energy, and you will feel more energetic.

48. Get Functional With Fitness

Functional exercise plays an important role to increase balance and strength in the body. It also reduces the risks of injury while doing multiple muscle exercises.

49. Find A Partner

Choosing a partner while exercising can help you a lot in sticking to your goal. He or she can also give you genuine feedback on how much you lost in a day.

50. Start Taking Strength Training

Strength training plays an important role in keeping your body fit. It also helps to lose weight and gain strong muscle.

These are 50 science-backed weight loss strategies that will surely give you result in the due course of time. If you find them useful, please feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below.

Science-Backed Weight Loss Strategies

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