Top 5 Easy Exercises For Toned And Beautiful Arms

Top 5 Easy Exercises For Toned And Beautiful Arms

The shape of your arms can give women gentleness, femininity, tenderness, and for men creates a strong and protecting image. This 5 exercises for beautiful arms will help you achieve that!

Arm’s motion and appearance are very frequently used in communication, sending messages that can betray nervousness, excitement, strength, control, relaxation, sensuality, etc.

So strengthening and toning your arm muscles is a must. And here’s how to do that!

Exercises For Beautiful Arms

To have beautiful arms, I propose a series of exercises that are designed to tone your muscles, reduce fatty tissue (which is impregnated among muscle fibers) and to give the desired shape for your arms.

Some difference between arm exercises for men and for women will be made ​​only in the number of repetitions and the weight they use. Men will use heavier weights (+2 kg) because they need bigger muscles than women.

Let’s start this workout with our first exercise for beautiful arms: dumbbell curls.

1. Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell Curls

Focus: It will help you tone your biceps.

Equipment: Two dumbbells that weigh 5 kg each.

Position: Standing with your back straight, hands at your sides, look straight forward.

Exercise: With each hand separately or both simultaneously lift the dumbbells towards your chest. It is preferable not to use barbells because one hand (usually the right) is stronger and will be more demanding, thus creating an imbalance between the two arms.

Duration: If you want some beautiful arms you need to do these moves for 2 minutes, rest a few seconds and continue. Perform 3 sets of 2 minutes each.

2. Push Ups

Push ups for beautiful arms

Focus: It will tone your triceps and your chest muscles. Also, these moves help to lift and tone women’s breasts.

Equipment: None.

Position: Lie down on your stomach, lift your body supporting you with the hands. Make sure your body is straight, your look is forward and your hands are parallel.

Exercise: Lower then lift your body without touching the floor to perform a full push up.Support your body only with your toes and hands.

Duration: Perform at least 10 successive push ups, rest for a few seconds and repeat. For best results you need to perform a minimum of 3 sets of at least 10 push ups.

3. Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press for beautiful arms

Focus: This exercise tones your biceps, triceps and your shoulder muscles.

Equipment: One dumbbell that weighs about 5 kg.

Position: Stand straight with a dumbbell in your right hand. Bend your elbow and bring the dumbbell to your shoulder level. This is your starting position.

Exercise: Lift up the dumbbell and then return to the starting position.

Duration: Perform this exercise for beautiful arms for about 30 seconds and then switch arms. You should do 3 sets with every arm.

4. Two Handed Dumbbell Extensions

Two Handed Dumbbell Extensions

Focus: This exercise for beautiful arm is targeting your triceps.

Equipment: Be very careful not to hurt yourself and choose a moderate dumbbell (2-3 kg).

Position: Stand straight with arms raised above your head, holding a single dumbbell with your both hands.

Exercise: Flex your elbows, lowering the dumbbell just behind your head. Slightly return to the starting position.

Duration: One minute should be enough for a set and you need to perform 2 more sets if you want beautiful arms.

5. Cord Stretch

Cord Stretches for beautiful arms

Focus: This exercise for beautiful arms focuses on your shoulders.

Equipment: You will need a cord, or a towel, or a belt, what you have around.

Position: Stand straight holding the cord heads in your hands with the cord behind your back.

Exercise: Raise up your hands as high as you can, trying to keep the distance between hands as small as possible. Lower the cord behind your back, keeping your arms straight.

Duration: Perform these slightly moves for beautiful arm for one minute, then rest a few seconds and continue with the second round. Perform at least 3 rounds for best results.

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