Bodybuilding Myths That Aren’t True At All

Bodybuilding Myths That Aren’t True At All

Dispelling these bodybuilding myths may provide some confidence to people who might be in search of natural bodybuilding secrets.

The bodybuilding world is full of professionals, each with a unique approach to muscle building. Some of their tips work for everyone, while others don’t.

In this article, I’ll take a closer look over the wrong advice related to bodybuilding that you can find in most online publications.

So let’s prepare yourself for whenever someone advises you with any of these busted bodybuilding myths.

Busted Bodybuilding Myths

The bodybuilding world is an interesting place that’s riddled with opinions. So many people think they know what’s best for your workouts.

Here are four bodybuilding myths that aren’t true at all:

1. Taking Fat Burners Will Melt Away My Body Fat

This is one of the common bodybuilding myths that everyone falls for. There are supplements on the market called fat burners that are there to aid you in burning fat.

Most people think that you can pop a few of these pills and within a few weeks, the fat will melt away.

There is NO supplement that will miraculously get rid of your body fat.

To lower your fat levels, you have to be in a caloric deficit. What this means is that you must be burning more calories than you take in.

Fat burners won’t magically do this for you; you still need to exercise and do lots of cardio.

Fitness Myths

2. Steroids Are The Only Way To Build Substantial Muscle

Many people in the fitness community will claim that steroids are the answer to your muscle-building problems.

They say that if you want to get big and muscly, then you need steroids and other sports supplements.

Otherwise, the human body is incapable of getting massive naturally. This is simply complete and utter nonsense.

If you work out regularly and have your nutrition and recovery on point, then you can build muscle and get big.

Plus, taking steroids is proven to cause erectile dysfunction in men, as well as many other issues.

In fact, if you want to build muscle and make sure your body remains healthy, steroids are the last thing you need.

Steroids Are Not The Safe Way To Bodybuilding

3. Sit-Ups Will Give Me A Six Pack

This myth is probably one of the oldest ones in the book. If people want six-pack abs, they tend to try and do loads of sit-ups.

They think that doing this exercise is going to turn their flabby belly into a ripped and chiseled one. However, this isn’t the case.

Doing lots of sit-ups will strengthen your abs, but you won’t be able to see them if your body fat percentage is too high. Do cardio to get that percentage down low, and then do your ab exercises.

Bodybuylding Myths - Sit ups

4. I Need To Work Out For Over An Hour To See Results

A common thing that lots of noobs think is that you need to have long workouts. They see the biggest people in the gym working out for two hours and think they need to do that too.

You might watch fitness videos on YouTube, and the workouts are over an hour long. So, you start to believe that working out for over an hour is essential.

While that can be efficient, it doesn’t mean that shorter workouts are less effective.

Plus, the recovery process after a long exhausting exercise program is much more complicated. Besides quality sleep and high-protein meals, you might also opt for some CBD products or other supplements to relax your stiff muscles.

The recovery after a quick, intense workout is way easier than after a one-hour plus workout.

So don’t be fooled, you can get intense workouts in under an hour. You don’t have to work out for hours, if anything, it can have a negative effect on your body.

Long Workouts Are Not Always Good For Your Gains

If you’ve fallen for one of these bodybuilding myths, then hopefully I’ve opened your eyes to the truth.

None of these bodybuilding myths are true, and believing them can be what’s holding back your gains.

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