100 Burpee Challenge With 10 Variations Of Burpees

100 Burpee Challenge With 10 Variations Of Burpees

Today we have a little bit of a different workout. It will be hard, so you should have a bottle of water near you because we are doing a burpee challenge.  You’re gonna do 10 sets of 10 variations of burpees. But don’t worry, you can rest for 5 to 10 seconds between sets (or more if you really need it).

100 Burpee challenge begins now!

So today I’m kind of quiet because I’m not gonna describe all the exercises as usual. Instead, there are YouTube videos for every exercise. So have fun starting with the first set of the regular burpee:

1. Regular burpee

2. Superman burpee

3. Single leg burpee

Catch your breath because this exercise is very hard. What you’re gonna do is 5 burpees with your right leg and then change legs for another 5 reps.

4. Up up down down burpee

You’re working your shoulders, chest and also transverse abdominals.

5. Single arm burpee

6. Shoulder tap burpee

7. Front kick burpee

8. Side to side burpee

9. Walking Plank Burpee

10. Burpee with Tuck Jump

These are the hardest burpees in the whole 100 burpees challenge. So just prepare your mind because anything you set your mind to, your body will do. Do it for your body, for fitness and for your health!

You completed the 100 burpee challenge and you deserve a good rest. Let a comment below and tell me what exercise was the most difficult for you.

100 burpee challenge

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