Does Working Out Really Help Boost Testosterone Level?

Does Working Out Really Help Boost Testosterone Level?

What is the impact of working out on testosterone level? Know the truth about the relation of exercise with testosterone.

Are you worried that you might not satisfy your partner because of the changes brought by low testosterone?

Experiencing a decrease in testosterone has been just normal because of numerous factors such as aging and health problems. And some people will try to find alternative solutions to boost their testosterone level.

One of the most prominent ways that many people use is working out. But does exercising really offers a potent effect on testosterone level? Or is it another myth meant to deceive people?

Finally, your doubts will reach their end as this article gives you the explanation that you’ve been longing for.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

For some people, experiencing a decreased level of testosterone in their body give drastic effects. Simply because testosterone is the one responsible for the strength of our bones and muscles, making of red blood cells, mood, energy level, and libido.

And if you are suffering from low testosterone, then you might experience the following:

  • Blocked thinking;
  • Weaker muscles;
  • Accumulation of excess fats;
  • A drop in sperm count;
  • Depression;
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Decreased libido;
  • Disturbed sleep;
  • Higher risk of diabetes;
  • Lower stamina;
  • A surge in insulin level.

Working Out Improves Testosterone Level

One of the most prominent and used ways of increase testosterone is by working out. Although it still lacks specializing studies, there are already some researchers that support the fact that working really affects testosterone levels.

Aside from that, the use of working out to improve your testosterone is limited. It will aid your low testosterone problem if you executed enough exercise, but at the same time, it will contradict the effect if you overdo it.

In fact, one study conducted at the University of Southern California by Todd Schroeder claims that the level of testosterone increases at about fifteen minutes after exercise. He also added that the surge in testosterone level may last up to one hour.

The 4 Factors Of Low Testosterone

Even though working out is already proven effective, there are still other factors that contribute to a low testosterone level and must be given enough attention. Some of the factors include:

1. Body Composition

Most people with low testosterone levels don’t have a good body composition. By exercising, you are adding strength to your bones and muscles. This change will surge your testosterone level.

But keep in mind that too much or repetitive exercise/challenge will give you the opposite benefit.

2. Age

As we age, changes in our bodies are really inevitable. Most of your organs will be weak at some point. Enough exercise will aid you in maintaining a more manly posture with the increased testosterone.

3. Weight

Mainly because excess weight or obesity poses other ailments as well. This harms the level of your testosterone and creates a sudden decrease in it.

By exercising, you can lose some of this excess weight and bring back a natural testosterone level at the same time.

4. Workout Timing

Some research concluded that the level of your testosterone changes throughout the day. And it is the same for the effect of any enhancing supplement or workout.

Testosterone level is usually at its peak every morning, but when you exercise, the largest effect is during the evening.

Also, your testosterone level is at its lowest during the afternoon, that’s why it is not advised to perform exercises to boost your testosterone level at this time because it won’t give any compelling result.


Even though working out can really affect your testosterone level positively, the benefits it can give you are just limited to strengthening your bones and muscles. Exercise alone is never enough to increase your testosterone level to the height that you need.

An endocrinologist from Emory University stated that men who are currently suffering from low testosterone shouldn’t just rely on working out because it won’t give any significant or visible difference.

In addition, he said that it is going to work if your testosterone level is already on the borderline of normal and low.

Another study in 2001 concluded that working out can give a large dose of testosterone, but have no direct effect in enhancing libido.

To aid that, there are a lot of supplements available everywhere that claim to increase your testosterone level and libido.

There are a lot of claims regarding the effect of working out in boosting testosterone levels. While it is indeed true and supported by various studies, its benefits are only limited to physical health or firming up your bones and muscles.

Exercise itself is an insufficient solution to really boost your testosterone to the level you desire. So you may need the assistance of some enhancing supplements and foods.

10 Foods That Help Boost Testosterone Level

There are foods that help increase testosterone and keep this hormone in check. Here is an infographic with 10 such foods that boost your testosterone level:

10 Foods That Boost Testosterone Level

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