How To Work Out While Wearing Your Engagement Ring

How To Work Out While Wearing Your Engagement Ring

Working out with an engagement ring on your finger can be dangerous, uncomfortable, and you could even lose or damage it. If you don’t want any of these to happen, here’s how to keep it safe.

Your engagement ring is precious; you’d be devastated if it was damaged or lost while you were exercising.

Some people have it easy – they don’t wear their ring all the time and have no problem leaving it at home while they hit the gym or the trail.

However, if you can’t part with your ring for even a moment, these tips will help you work out while wearing your engagement ring.

Working Out With An Engagement Ring

Here’s how to take care of your engagement ring when working out:

1. Put Your Safety First

Your safety comes first. There are many exercises and activities you should not engage in while wearing a ring of any kind.

If you do participate in certain activities while wearing your ring, you’re risking a serious injury called ring avulsion that comes with painful consequences.

Back in 2015, The Tonight Show’s host Jimmy Fallon experienced ring avulsion when he tripped in his home, caught his ring on the side of a table, and almost ripped off his finger.

Fallon spent ten days in the ICU and almost lost his finger. He explained his injury after showing up for an episode with a cast around his left hand.

The following exercises should be done ring-free:

Weight Lifting (Machines And Free Weights)

It’s too easy to get your ring caught on something.

Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance bands are one of the safest ways to work out. However, they should not be used while wearing a ring.

Whether you use bands with built-in handles or the Baraban-style handles with your bands, you’ll be putting pressure on your finger and might end up with a tissue injury.

Any exercise that puts pressure on your fingers or comes with a risk of catching your ring on something should be off-limits.

Activities that are generally safe include running, cycling, and tai chi or chi gung (qigong).

2. Take Good Care Of Your Engagement Ring

Whether you take your ring off or wear it for certain parts of your workout, take good care of your ring at all times.

The metal band is softer than you think; even platinum can be flexed with enough force. Over time, constant flexing could snap the band.

Frequent cleaning will keep dirt and oil from damaging your engagement ring. Dirt and oil will collect over time, building enough pressure to split or pop your diamond out of the setting.

3. Have A Safe Storage Space For Your Ring

There will be times when you need to remove your ring. Always have a safe storage space for your engagement ring.

Avoid putting your ring in a locker at the gym. Lockers can be picked fairly easily and if someone sees you placing your ring inside, they might target your locker.

Pockets are another bad idea for ring storage. Your ring might fall out or you could forget you placed it in your pocket. Even a zippered pocket might have a hole on the inside.

The safest place to store your engagement ring is somewhere enclosed that never leaves your body. The folks at Ring Hero have created the perfect solution: a little zippered pouch you can put around your wrist. It’s perfect for running or working out at the gym.

4. Don’t Let Anyone See You Take Off Your Ring

The best way to prevent theft is to avoid being seen taking off your engagement ring.

Never assume people aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing. If you’re at the gym, there might be someone specifically looking for people taking off jewelry.

Prevent yourself from being a target and take your ring off either in the bathroom or somewhere else private.

5. Err On The Side Of Caution

When you’re not sure if an activity is safe to perform while wearing your ring, err on the side of caution and remove your engagement ring.

If you can’t bear to part with your ring by leaving it at home, consider getting a ring pouch or make your own out of a common elastic wristband.

Consider leaving your ring at home when you go to the gym or head out for a run. While it’s hard to part with your ring, leaving it at home while you work out is the only guaranteed way to prevent injury and protect your ring from damage.

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