Whiten Yellow Teeth With These Easy Remedies

Whiten Yellow Teeth With These Easy Remedies

Who doesn’t want pearly white teeth? Yellow teeth are a real embarrassment, a dent in the otherwise confident personality. Whether you have lost the whiteness of your teeth due to excessive consumption of tea and coffee, smoking or having tobacco or due to aging, it is always possible to whiten yellow teeth.

However, you should also remember one thing that the outer layer of our teeth enamel keeps on wearing away exposing the underlying yellower layer called dentin. Once, you have converted your yellow teeth into white ones, you should take utmost care to not to get them yellow again. Whitening the teeth again and again may lead them to become translucent or even blue. So preserve your teeth so that you may smile with confidence at every time!

Here are some proven and very effective home remedies to whiten yellow teeth. Take help of these remedies and then do take good care of them so that you do not need to opt for the remedies again.

1. Whiten Yellow Teeth With Homemade Basil Tooth Powder

Take fresh basil leaves and leave them in shade to dry them out. Once the basil leaves get fully dried, grind them to get a powder out of them. Use this powder to brush your teeth. You can use your fingers to rub your teeth with this basil powder or can even mix the powder with your regular tooth paste and use it that way.

2. Use Basil-Orange Peel Mask For Teeth

Take some fresh basil leaves and crush them to get their paste. Add the powder of orange peel with the crushed basil leaves and mix well. Apply this paste on your teeth and  leave for 15-20 minutes than  wash off with water.

3. Use The Popular Baking Soda Remedy But With Care

Baking soda has been used since ages to whiten yellow teeth. And this is effective, very effective! But you should also know the drawback of using baking soda on your teeth. Baking soda’s abrasive nature can wear down the enamel of your teeth. But this abrasiveness of baking soda is helpful in removing the topical stains as well as plaque of your teeth. If you use lemon juice with baking soda, this further wears down your teeth as the citric acid in lemon juice unlocks some of the calcium present in the enamel thus whitening your teeth to some more extent. While baking soda can instantly whiten your teeth, its long term use can be detrimental to the protective enamel of your teeth. If you, however, decide to use baking soda as the remedy for your yellow teeth, make a paste using baking soda, lemon and salt mixture.

Mix baking soda, salt and lemon juice to get a paste like consistency. Brush your teeth with this mixture. You may then brush your teeth again with your regular toothpaste, just to correct the taste of your mouth. It’s not recommended to use this remedy for more than a couple of weeks when you use it for one or two days in a week!

4. Vitamin C Loaded Fruits And Veggies Can Whiten Yellow Teeth

Citrus fruits as well as those having loads of vitamin C in them can also help you get rid of your yellow teeth. They have bleaching effect on your teeth. So, use strawberries, tomatoes, amla (gooseberry), orange and the most effective lemon to bleach your teeth and get that sparkling whiteness. Mash them, rub them, take out their juice, whatever you do, just get them in contact with your yellow teeth.

  • Cut a strawberry in two pieces. Take a half of it and sprinkle a little baking soda on to it. Rub your teeth with this. You may avoid using baking soda and rub with plain strawberry instead. The malic acid in strawberry with its astringent properties will give your pearly teeth.
  • Mash the strawberries and squeeze to take out the juice. Apply t his juice on your teeth and wash after a minute or two. You may also use the pulp to this effect. Always brush your teeth with your regular paste after using strawberries on them.
  • Before going to sleep at night, take an orange peel and rub this on your teeth.
  • Take a lemon peel and rub it on your teeth not for more than ½ to 1 minute. Wash with water.
  • Take a tsp of lemon juice and mix it with 1 tsp of water. Brush teeth with it. Wash with water and then brush with your regular toothpaste. Never use lemon juice undiluted. Always dilute it with water before applying it to your teeth. It high acid content of lemon can seriously damage your toot enamel and the calcium in it. Don’t use lemon more than twice a week if you want to keep your enamel too with the whiteness of your teeth.

And the super tip to whiten yellow teeth: don’t forget the daily regime of your teeth cleaning to keep them stay sparkling white!

You should have focused on dental improvement and to make this easier, cosmetic dentists can do a lot. In fact, they do have a significant influence over dental aesthetics. So don’t avoid your dentist advice!

Source: rapidhomeremedies.com

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