Keep Seniors Active At Home With These Tips

Keep Seniors Active At Home With These Tips

Here’s how to keep seniors active, healthy, and physically independent without taking them out of the comfort of their homes.

Aging takes a great toll on one’s body, and for seniors, performing even simple mundane tasks could become very difficult if they are not kept active. Inactivity among seniors poses threats to their bodily and mental well-being.

You can, however, decrease the effects of illnesses and injuries, improve your seniors’ self-esteem, and give them a higher quality of life by keeping them busy and active.

Being kept active is, therefore, of utmost importance for seniors, and it should be included in their aged care plan.

It is never too late to discover easy, entertaining ways to encourage your elderly loved ones to get more active—be it by getting them a pet or by putting on their favorite music and encouraging them to dance.

8 Ways To Keep Seniors Active

Here are some easy tips to help seniors improve their balance, flexibility, and strength by keeping them active in the comfort of their homes:

1. Get Seniors Active With Household Chores

Getting seniors involved in home tasks can improve their health and give them a sense of independence. This does not entail they’ll have to handle challenging tasks, like cooking or scrubbing the floors.

They can maintain their fitness and activity levels by doing simple tasks, like dusting, washing dishes, or sweeping their room.

If your senior indicates a desire for other tasks like baking or arranging their closet, they should be encouraged to do so with the presence and assistance of their caregiver.

2. Keep Seniors Active With Yoga

Yoga has many health advantages, including easing arthritic pain, enhancing breathing and circulation, and increasing flexibility.

Start with chair yoga for elderly people who are inactive and might not be up for an intense yoga practice.

Seniors can perform horse poses or forward bends while sitting to avoid falling or pushing themselves too much.

3. Keep Seniors Active With Home Workouts And Seated Exercises

Today, there are so many tools at your disposal to keep seniors moving, even when they may otherwise feel lethargic.

You can encourage them to watch at-home workout videos on YouTube and other fitness apps.

Be sure to remove any potential safety risks from their workout areas, such as piles of clutter or even a small stool.

To keep their muscles in shape and improve coordination, seniors, especially those unable to support their body weight, should try simple seated exercises, like lifting their arms and legs or simply attempting to touch their toes while seated on the floor.

4. Keep Seniors Active With Dancing

Dancing is a fantastic way to stay active while interacting and having a good time, whether it is square dancing, ballroom dancing, or anything in between.

Seniors who enjoy dancing may be inspired to work out more frequently so they can master more dance steps. You can also sign up your senior loved ones for many online dance classes!

In addition to staying active, taking dancing courses online will enable them to interact with others.

However, they can still attempt freestyle dancing even if they decide against enrolling in a class.

5. Keep Seniors Active With Daily Walks

One of the most advantageous and straightforward exercises is walking.

For seniors, walking is particularly convenient because they don’t have to do it specifically for that purpose; rather, it just happens.

Your beloved seniors can stay active by taking a daily hour-long walk around the house.

6. Encourage Seniors To Take The Stairs

If your senior can climb or descend a flight of stairs without assistance, avoid utilizing elevators and escalators. Your senior’s fitness and strength will improve with each stride.

Making them take the stairs will get their hearts pumping, which may also result in a slight rise in cardiovascular activity.

7. Give Seniors Pedometers To Monitor Their Progress

When it comes to keeping seniors active, external motivation can produce great results.

Give your seniors a pedometer they can easily carry around so they can track their daily step totals.

Set goals and make small, regular progress toward them, for instance, increase their daily step count goal by 350 steps every day.

8. Engage Seniors With Mentally Tasking Games

An active body requires an active mind. Seniors who have restricted mobility can greatly benefit from engaging in brain games, which will maintain their cognitive abilities.

Logic, word searches, puzzles, and riddles are fun games that can help seniors stay active at home without exerting much physical energy.


Due to declining mobility associated with aging, seniors might occasionally become housebound. But by utilizing the tips outlined in this article, seniors who spend most of their time at home will get to have fun, stay active, and live meaningful lives, just like everyone else.

These suggestions are simple, practical, and amusing ways to keep your beloved seniors active and healthy well into old age.

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