What I Eat In A Day? This Is My Meal Plan To Stay Fit And Healthy

What I Eat In A Day? This Is My Meal Plan To Stay Fit And Healthy

I often get this question: “Hey Mark, what should I eat in a day to stay healthy and fit?”. And since we all are different people with different body needs, there’s no menu or diet to fit us all.

So I’m not able to recommend you anything if I don’t know you and your lifestyle. Instead, I can tell you what I eat in a day to maintain a healthy physical appearance.

You may notice that I don’t eat too much meat. Well, if you’re a meat consumer, you need to change this meal plan to add some animal protein in there.

Just take a look over my one-day meal plan below and adjust it to your body needs.

What I Eat In A Day - Personal Meal Plan


Here Is What I Eat In A Day

Today I’m gonna tell you what I eat in a day. Thank you for all your messages asking.

Wake up at 7 am

The first thing I do when I wake up is I check my social media accounts and, of course, my business e-mail. I know it’s not a great habit, but I feel so connected to you that I need to see you right when I wake up.

Then I go brush my teeth because it’s really important to keep your pearly whites nice and shiny.

Eat my breakfast at 7:30 am

It’s time to drink water. I always make sure to drink water in the morning. Sometimes I add a few slices of lemon or some type of fruit in there to really boost my metabolism.

Water is really important, it wakes me up and it tastes so great.

After that, one of the main meals that I love eating is banana pancakes. These pancakes are completely paleo!

You just need one banana and two eggs and blend it up. Put it on the pan at a low-medium heat, flip it and you got banana pancakes. They are so good, I can not get over them 🙂

Start my workout at 8 am

I get ready for my workout. So either I’m going for a run or going to the gym I like to wear my favorite running shoes and get out there and have a good workout.

When I get back I’m kinda hungry so I usually have a protein shake or some type of snack. So today we’re making a strawberry banana protein shake.

Put some protein powder, one banana, some frozen strawberries, almond milk, a little bit of ice in a blender, blend it up and that’s it. One of my favorites.

Have my protein shake at 10:30 am

So after I have my protein shake I take a shower and change so that I’m fresh for the rest of the day. Then I’m taking emails, working on new articles for the Fitneass website or doing any other stuff on my computer.

So I usually have some snacks here at my desk. Today I’m having celery and hummus. Usually is carrots and hummus, and also another great combination is apple and peanut butter, or even carrots and peanut butter. I know it’s crazy but you have to try it.

Eat lunch at 12 pm

For lunch, I usually have a salad. It really fills me up and I can put a tone of stuff in my salad. I’m totally into seafood, so today I have romaine lettuce and spring greens along with crab and shrimp right on top with a little lemon. I’ll sprinkle some spicy sauce too.

After lunch, I go back to working again on more and more stuff. Like I said, it’s non-stop.

Eat dinner at 6 pm

After a while I get hungry again, so we have dinner. Sometimes I eat dinner at home, or I go out with friends.

And one of my favorite things to eat is lettuce hubs and, of course, I also drink lots of water.

I go back to blogging. If I am hungry, which often times I am, I may eat a snack. So my favorite snacks or, you know, past dinner desserts, are actually cookies. They’re crunchy and taste so good.

That’s basically what I eat in a day with changes from time to time. Usually, my food is rich in proteins and low carbs. But my meals change, depending on the season. Right now I’m totally into salads.

So this is what I eat in a day. Hopefully will be helpful for you.

Please don’t take it as a universal meal plan for your personal need, be it weight loss, healthy eating, or getting in shape. This one-day meal plan is what I eat in a day, and what feels good for my body.

If you wanna show me what you eat in a day, go ahead and leave a comment below! I’d be happy to read your comment. 🙂


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