7 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New Country

7 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New Country

Get ready for your next big adventure abroad with these 7 essential tips for staying healthy in a new country. Start your new life with ease!

If you’re about to open the doors to a whole new adventure in a new country, you are probably giddy with all the excitement!

Moving to a new land can present interesting experiences and challenges over the first few years, particularly while you are acclimatizing to your new home.

It’s easy to overlook your health in the hustle and bustle of what will come in the next few weeks.

The bad news is that neglecting your health can and often does interfere with your ability to enjoy your new life to the fullest.

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling To A New Country

With the long-haul flights and time zone hopping, even the most robust immune systems can take a beating.

To prepare yourself for one of the most enriching and exciting experiences of your life, follow these seven steps below:

1. Check Your Drinking Water

Access to clean, drinkable water is paramount for staying healthy in any country.

Changes in temperature and altitude can lead to your body needing a varied amount of water to function optimally. Staying hydrated should be one of your goals right from the beginning.

Listen to your body and drink water when you are thirsty. Most dieticians recommend around two liters of water for an adult – that amount could increase based on the physical exercise you do each day.

2. Choose Nutritious Food

A new country opens the doors to a new and exciting cuisine option. Unfortunately, all that need food can quickly lead to you packing on the pounds if you’re not careful and you don’t exercise every day.

  • Choose nutritious foods and practice healthy portion control.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy new taste experiences without the guilt afterward.
  • Do your best to eat healthy while learning and experimenting with new ingredients and meals.
  • Try to not settle for fast and convenient meals, as those are typically loaded with carbs, sugars, and fats – all for the sake of saving time here and there.

3. Be Aware Of Health Risks

Before you embark on the journey of a lifetime, take some time to research your new host country. Every country has a list of common diseases or recent outbreaks, some more severe than others.

Ensure that you receive all the necessary vaccines or prophylactics before you leave. Many potential health risks come with traveling to new countries, including tropical diseases and respiratory illnesses.

Sadly, if not treated properly they can quickly develop into something life-threatening.

4. Medical Insurance

If you are moving to a new country where you won’t have access to public or employer healthcare, you must ensure that you get good travel medical insurance.

Find a policy that suits your lifestyle and your pocket but ensure that it provides adequate coverage for you and your family in your new host country.

If this is your first time moving and settling into a new country, those anxious jitters can be enough to leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Do the required research into global health coverage and put your mind at ease.

5. Bring Medications

When moving abroad, the stress and panic of arranging everything can leave you forgetting otherwise vital things – such as medications.

Your new country might not have the exact medications that you are used to taking, and it can be a hassle finding the right alternatives – particularly if you’re suffering from a chronic disease.

Bring enough medications to last you several weeks or months, that way you will have plenty enough to last – even if finding replacements takes a little longer than anticipated.

6. Meet Friends

One of the easiest ways to find friends in a new country is by joining groups on social media. You can also ask friends back home if they know anyone in your new neighborhood.

Most people aren’t excited at the prospect of trawling pubs for new friends, so leave that option as a last resort.

Join your local gym to meet other people your age who love being active. That way you can easily join hiking, cycling, or running groups in your area.

Being social while staying fit is one of the best ways to take care of your health and well-being.

Staying active is necessary for leading a balanced life.

7. Sleep Well

It may seem like a pesky habit when you’re on a deadline, but you must get enough of it. Sleep is a requirement and not a luxury.

As you acclimate to your host country and settle into your new job, sleep can be hard to come by.

Sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system and leave your body vulnerable to strains of local sicknesses that your body isn’t used to.

The average adult needs between seven and nine hours of decent quality sleep a night. If that doesn’t sound like your sleep schedule, then consider taking a melatonin supplement to help you achieve your sleep goals.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, moving to a new country can be an exciting but overwhelming experience, and it’s easy to neglect your health in the process.

But, by following these seven tips for staying healthy in a new country, you can truly enjoy your new adventure to the fullest.

By taking care of your health, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in your new home and make the most out of your new adventure.

So, don’t forget to pack your sense of adventure and a healthy dose of self-care – you’re in for a wild ride!

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