Wearing The Wrong Shoes Can Damage Your Health

Wearing The Wrong Shoes Can Damage Your Health

Turns out, the type of shoe you wear can impact your health. So if you’re wearing the wrong shoes, these tips will help you correct it.

Perhaps you are experiencing issues related to the feet and back. Your choice of footwear might be playing a part in your pain.

If you want to take better care of your health, then you should avoid wearing the wrong shoes. If your shoes are uncomfortable, consider replacing them!

You’ll be surprised at how a simple change, like wearing the right footwear, can do wonders for your overall health and wellbeing.

How Can The Wrong Shoes Affect Your Health?

Before learning HOW to choose the right shoes for you, here’s WHY they matter for your overall health!

The Spine And Its Alignment

How you walk and what you walk in can affect the alignment of your spine. In the body, everything is connected, and poor footwear will start a domino effect of pain.

When your foot is in an uncomfortable position for too long, it creates tension in your knees. From there, that tension in your knees will lead to discomfort in your pelvic region and the base of your spine.

Pain and discomfort will work its way up and can cause some lasting effects.

How Can The Wrong Shoes Affect Your Health

Foot Issues

It goes without saying that a bad pair of shoes will cause problems for your feet. Some of the most common issues include:

For some people who wear poor footwear for many years, it can cause long term damage. In some extreme cases like this, surgery may be required.

The ideal shoe should be both supportive and non-irritating.

How To Get The Right Shoes For Every Situation?

Here’s how you can get set up with a great pair of shoes so you can avoid blisters, bunions, feet, back, and neck pain, along with other health issues related to using the wrong footwear:

The Right Footwear For Work

When it comes to having the right kind of shoe, nowhere is this more important than at work. This is especially true if you work in an environment that requires you to constantly stand and move around.

If you aren’t wearing a sturdy and supportive type of shoe, you will quickly be worn down and develop pain.

Some of the most common jobs that require long periods of activity include retail, food service jobs, and nursing, just to name a few.

For situations like these, you will want something that you can walk comfortably in for long periods of time. Even standing for hours will wear down your lower body, and a secure shoe will keep the foot elevated in a supportive position.

This will ensure that you feel your best and are therefore able to perform your best at work.

Getting The Best Shoes For Exercise

Getting The Best Shoes For Exercise

When you are playing a sport or hitting the gym, you are at your most active. It is also when your body needs a lot of support. This is why you need to invest in quality shoes for your exercise.

For example, if you are running, the right choice in footwear will help you avoid issues like shin splints and sprained ankles. Most people don’t think twice about what to wear when they exercise.

When selecting a new pair to use for this purpose, make sure you spend enough time trying them on. It is a good idea to hit the store after a workout too when your feet are more likely to be a little swollen.

A good pair of shoes that you can wear during periods of heavy activity can be expensive, but in the long run (and on your longest run), they are a worthwhile investment.

How To Deal With High Heels?

In general, high heels are unkind to your feet and spine. Despite this, there are many people that still like to wear them for special occasions. They are quite in-fashion after all.

If you are one of the people that still want to wear high heels, you can make it work. Just make sure to take precautions. If you wear them, limit the use to only a few hours every month.

If you wear them for work, it should ideally be for an office position or other jobs that allow for a lot of sitting time.

When commuting between home and work, have a comfortable pair of shoes to wear as well. You will really need this if your commute involves walking or driving.

If you are deciding what height you want for your heels, a lower heel will be less likely to create complications for yourself.

Remember that what you put on your feet affects how you feel each day. For every pair of shoes you slip on, take note of how they feel and don’t sacrifice comfort! Take care of your feet and they will take you far.

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