Choosing The Best Exercise Shoes For Any Type Of Exercise

Choosing The Best Exercise Shoes For Any Type Of Exercise

There are thousands of different exercise shoes in the stores, all with different features and prices. So choosing the best one for your type of exercise is not the easiest task. This guide will help you match your favorite exercise with the right shoes.

You know by now that exercise is an important part of a healthy weight-loss plan. It’s not just helpful for your weight loss, exercising will boost your overall health and help you lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

The great thing about exercise is the number of opportunities you have an offer – even though it can lead to some unexpected problems.

You are able to jog, do yoga, take a spinning class or start lifting weights. All exercise forms are viable and the key to a successful regime is picking something that suits you and your body.

Choosing Your Exercise Shoes

A big part of a good exercise routine is also the gear. You can gain confidence and prevent injuries if you have the right workout clothes – especially when it comes to exercise shoes.

The problem is you can’t just walk to the shop and buy shoes. There are plenty of options out there and not all are suitable for your chosen exercise form.

So, once you’ve figured out what kind of exercise you want to do, use this guide to choose the best exercise shoes for your favorite workout.

1. Shoes For Running

How To Choose Your Exercise Shoes

Running shoes are easy to find and you can pick them up in all sorts of price categories. It is possible to find good running shoes from supermarkets, as well as popular brands.

The key is to ensure you find the right fit and that you walk around in the running shoes a bit before you start regularly using them.

There are four basic options for running shoes. These include:

  • The basic running shoes with cushion in the middle to reduce shock from hitting the ground and motion control to create a stiff heel.
  • Trail shoes, have a stiff sole and tread patterns to add more stability. Best for outdoor running and demanding surfaces.
  • Racing flats are lightweight and often have no heel lift. These are suitable for indoor and short-distance running.
  • Minimal running shoes that provide no arch support and create a more natural running motion.

2. Shoes For Hiking

The Anatomy Of A Good Hiking Shoe

You might also be into hiking and walking in nature. For this, you need exercise shoes that support your feet on the more demanding surfaces and protect you more from the elements.

There are two options for hiking shoes: the basic hiking shoes and the light hiking shoes.

The basic type has a mid- or high-cut ankle design and the shoe is rather sturdy. The light hiking shoe, on the other hand, is a low-cut model with a more flexible finish.

The sturdier model suits longer hikes and demanding weather conditions, while light hiking shoes are perfect for the summer.

You should look for hiking shoes from specialist retailers like Blacks.

3. Shoes For Court Sports

Best Exercise Shoes

If you love exercising by playing field or court sports, you should get special exercise shoes for your hobby. You can find special shoes for court sports, such as football (both indoor and outdoor), basketball, and volleyball.

Sports brands like Nike have a huge selection of specialized shoes for such sports. These exercise shoes are worth the cost, as they provide just the right type of support and grip. If you want budget-friendly options, use Nike voucher codes.

You can also opt for basic court sports shoes if you like to mix around the sports you do. These are generally lightweight and low-cut ankle models with a rubber sole.

4. Shoes For Weightlifting

Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting requires exercise shoes that provide you maximum comfort and stability. You can, therefore, opt for basic slippers with a rubber or leather sole or even choose indoor soccer shoes.

If you are professional about your weightlifting, check out Olympic weightlifting shoes from Risto Olimpico and Reebok.

5. Shoes For Cycling

Cycling Shoes

You should also invest in a proper pair of cycling shoes if this is your main exercise form. A proper pair of cycling shoes will provide you more security and stability on top of the bike.

Picking the right exercise shoes depends largely on where you drive the bike. You need:

  • Road cycling shoes for road cycling. These are lightweight with a stiff sole. Do not use them for walking!
  • Mountain biking shoes for cycling off-road. These also have a relatively stiff sole and they are suitable for walking.
  • Spinning shoes for indoor spinning classes. These are durable with hard soles.

If you aren’t looking for so-called serious cycling shoes, you can opt for a hybrid model. These fit basic bikes and often look a bit like sandals – you can find plenty of great options for cycling shoes from specialists such as Wiggle.

Be Sure To Test Your Exercise Shoes

You should definitely test the exercise shoes before you buy them. If you are ordering online, check the return and exchange policies to ensure you don’t end up with ill-fitting shoes.

Furthermore, when trying on exercise shoes always wear the right socks with them! You won’t be weightlifting with woolly socks and you won’t go hiking in stockings! Ensuring the shoe matches the socks will be crucial in ensuring you can wear it comfortably.

With the above tips, you are able to choose the perfect exercise shoes for any type of exercise. Now you just need to stick to your regime and the health benefits of exercise will follow!

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