How To Protect Your Knees At The Gym With The Best Knee Sleeves

How To Protect Your Knees At The Gym With The Best Knee Sleeves

The knees are a crucial part of your body and they can be put under heavy strain when one hits the gym. Luckily enough, some weightlifting knee sleeves and wraps manufacturers are there to help you push as many reps as possible.

Factors such as strong leg protection, compression, heat insulation, and stitching as well as elastic rebound are to be taken into consideration when choosing the best knee sleeves.

We tried to devise a top that identifies which protection is best for running, squatting and lifting. And below we picked the best out of the best knee sleeves for your gym safety.

The Best Knee Sleeves

Here are 7 best knee sleeves that can really make a difference in your training performance:

1. Emerge 7mm Sleeve

This sleeve offers an easy fit and it’s also durable but at the same time comfortable as it has a cozy inner lining which will not give you itches or snag.

The patella will perform in a safe condition as its compression is great. It even has double stitching which is weaved in a cross shape for a greater grip.

You can find it on Amazon, $35.

2. Workt 7mm Sleeve

The Workt sleeve has the most unique fabric as it is made from a patented material called Ecoprene which has a compact and uniform cell structure which makes it a lot more elastic and firmer.

It’s easy to put on and remove and also offers water and sweat resistance.

You can find it on Amazon, $45.

3. Tommy Kono Knee Band

Produced by the famous powerlifter, they are made entirely out of rubber which makes them the most resistant ones on the market and provides a very good fitting.

It will retain the most heat and users who suffer from knee complaints will be in for a treat.

The knee band is fairly long and aids in patellar stability as it offers a great perception of your muscles under heavy strain.

Get it from Amazon, $35 – $45.

4. Rehband 7mm Sleeve

The Rehband sleeve enjoys great praise from professionals around the world as they are built to custom fit and are durable. It comes with a smooth inner surface and offers a great degree of comfort.

They are especially good for running as it does not slip.

Best price on Amazon, from $39.

5. McDavid Hex Leg Sleeve

This sleeve comes with hexagonal protection which provides a great deal of patellar protection and will outlast most sleeves on the market in terms of durability.

The Hex Leg Sleeve is great for activities that imply running and CrossFit as it offers the best compression out there.

These knee sleeves are the cheapest on Amazon, from $14.

6. CAP Barbell Elastic Knee Wraps

If you are looking for the best deal out there, these wraps are the best for you as they provide a good deal of stretch and are great for rebound exercises.

They attach to your knees in order not to slip and offer more flexibility.

Get this elastic band from Amazon, $12.5.

7. MAVA Sports Knee Wraps

These are the most comfortable wraps out there and are easily adjustable, while at the same time stretching twice their length.

They come with a velcro strap to keep them in place and at the same time to keep their malleability and elasticity.

If you want to know more about knee sleeves and wraps check out online to make a better understanding of what the market has to offer.

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