10 Tips To Treat Anxiety Naturally Without Medication

10 Tips To Treat Anxiety Naturally Without Medication

Are you dealing with anxiety on a regular basis? Then medication isn’t the best remedy. Instead, try these tips to treat anxiety naturally.

Anxiety isn’t fun. Sadly, some people get anxious about being anxious and worrisome. This causes an avalanche of emotions that’s hard to break free from.

To calm your mind and relieve those anxious feelings, try implementing the following tips into your daily routine.

How To Treat Anxiety Naturally?

Here are several ways to treat anxiety naturally, without any medication:

1. Exercise Daily

Do you move around a lot? If you do it twice a week, you must pump up those numbers – those are rookie numbers.

Here’s why: it takes only five or fewer workout sessions, for 30 minutes, to reduce your anxiety and strengthen your mind.

My personal training regime includes 10 sets of 10 meters sprinting once a day, swimming every other day, and performing a short circuit of squats, jumping jacks, and short bridges.

It doesn’t matter what you do: the key here is to just start moving.

2. Breathe Deeply

When we feel the pangs of fear starting to claw its way into us, the best thing we can do is to breathe deeply.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing is a wonderful technique to reduce anxiety because it takes our bodies away from its predisposition to enter the “fight or flight” response.

3. Restrict Alcohol

Alcohol is both a depressant and a sedative. Relying on alcohol to treat your anxiety solves nothing: the anxiety remains once the effects of the booze wear off.

Instead, focus on what it is you’re trying to escape from.

4. Create A Sleeping Routine

The quality of our sleep, as well as getting our recommended time (whether that’s six hours or eight, each of us is different) affect our anxiety, making it stronger.

It may even prevent you from falling asleep. Try the following:

  • Stop using screens an hour before your bedtime;
  • Waking up and falling asleep at the same time each morning/night;
  • Setting a temperature of 64-degrees F (the ideal temperature for comfortably falling asleep quicker).

5. Use CBD To Reduce Anxiety

CBD and hemp have been used as medicine for a variety of reasons for years. And now it’s more and more popular, and for good reasons.

The high CBD hemp flower is a variety of cannabis, which has been shown to reduce anxiety naturally – without the “high” sensation associated with cannabis.

It is a safe alternative to Xanax and Valium for treating anxiety-related disorders such as OCD, PTSD, and depression.

6. Accept The Reality

Many mental health experts try to help patients (myself included) that anxiety is merely a feeling, an emotion, like any other emotion such as adrenaline, buoyancy or moroseness.

Oddly, eliminating anxiety worsens it in the long run. You can’t “cure” a mental disorder or symptoms; but you can accept, manage, and move on.

There is nothing wrong with accepting reality as it really is: that is how we grow.

7. Ease Up On Caffeine

Chronic anxiety and caffeine go together like oil and water – it doesn’t work. Anxious people should avoid caffeine altogether if they want to treat their anxiety.

Restricting coffee, sugars (and even green teas) can do wonders for people with panic and anxiety disorders.

8. Schedule Your Worry Time

There’s a time for everything, my grandma used to say. Yes, there’s a time for panicking and a time for being anxious.

By picking a time to purposely mull over your fears and worries, you’ll be able to manage them more effectively. This will keep you from being overwhelmed unexpectedly.

9. Control Your Mind

Our brains are powerful organisms that we can convince ourselves that we’re having a heart attack.

Psychiatrist Kelli Hyland, M.D., recalls the time she, as a medical student, saw the doctor calm down a patient who thought he was having a heart attack. An attack that, in reality, was due to panic.

10. Avoid Processed Foods

Artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals, high sodium levels, Processed and pre-packaged foods are outright unhealthy and disgusting. Least of all because they affect our moods, as well.

Getting more B vitamins and carbohydrates is essential since they increase the production of serotonin – the “feel good” hormone. Opt for whole wheat bread, brown rice, spinach and kale, legumes and citrus fruits.

These are just a few simple tips to help yourself treat anxiety naturally, starting today.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight, and your anxiety won’t simply vanish into thin air. The goal here is to recognize what triggers your anxiety, and recognizing what you can do to stay on top of the emotion and handle it.

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