Summer Foods For Perfect Silhouette

Summer Foods For Perfect Silhouette

To maintain a fine silhouette and a good health, eat plenty of the summer seasonal food. Below are the top 10 summer foods for the silhouette:

Summer Foods For A Perfect Silhouette

Cucumber – contains just 10 calories per 100 grams and 96% water which is great for hydration. In addition, contains very useful fiber for improving bowel movements.

Tuna (150 calories / 100 grams) – Oily fish – but less fat than salmon – has a rich content of omega 3 fatty acids, helping to prevent cardiovascular disease. Moreover, it is rich in complete protein, vitamins A, B, D, iron, magnesium and calcium.

Cantaloupe (48 grams calories / 100 grams) – is diuretic, rich in fiber and is a very effective natural laxative. Contains more carotene (antioxidant). Rich in water, moisturize and nourish the body.

Chicken (110 calories / 100 grams) – is low in fat, and is called the diet’s “star”. But we must avoid eating chicken’s skin and to prefer white meat (chicken breast, not thighs). Chicken contains good proteins that allow the repair of the cells in the body.

Red radishes (15 calories / 100 grams) – contain much sulfur (good for stimulating digestion), fiber and vitamin C.

Beef (175 calories / 100 grams) – is rich in protein and has fewer calories. It is rich in phosphorus, a nutrient which distributes the energy supplied by food throughout the body. Avoid the cow’s brain which contains extremely abundant cholesterol.

Peaches (40 calories / 100 grams) – hydrated, containing 87% water. Contains pro-vitamin A, antioxidants and fiber, useful for digestion.

Zucchini (15 calories / 100 grams) – are rich in minerals and trace elements, magnesium and calcium. High fiber content helps the digestion. Avoid their combination with cream, for example.

Sea bream (77 calories / 100 grams) – is a lean fish with multiple virtues. Rich in magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B and contains iodine. To take full advantage of the qualities of this fish must be prepared on the steam bath or oven.

Mint – possesses stimulating the digestive system. After a hearty meal, we recommend an infusion of mint.

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