Genius Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Healthy Skin

Genius Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Healthy Skin

The benefits of using coconut oil for healthy skin are literally popping up everywhere. The wonder oil isn’t only praised by health buffs but by beauty enthusiasts as well.

Unfortunately, a lot of people still feel intimidated about using the oil topically. Some of them even cringe at the idea of slathering oil on their skin and hair.

While that’s understandable, coconut oil actually offers nothing but great benefits. The trick lies in finding the best quality coconut oil you can use on your skin.

How To Find The Best Coconut oil

Here’s a quick guide on how you can find the best coconut oil for healthy skin:

1⃣ Choose Virgin Coconut Oil

There’s really no difference between a virgin coconut oil and an extra virgin oil. Coconut oil isn’t olive oil so there’s no point in comparing the two by this criterion.

Avoid paying a higher price just because it’s marketed as more “special”.

2⃣ Smell It

In choosing coconut oil, skip those that smell nutty or roasted. A coconut oil that has this scent can only mean that it has undergone heating which can lessen its skin and health benefits.

Ideally, coconut oil should have a scent of a freshly opened coconut. It should also have the same taste.

3⃣ Pick Cold-Pressed

As mentioned, heat can take away a large percentage of the oil’s essential nutrients and properties. This is one of the reasons why you should stay away from expeller-pressed coconut oil as this processing involved heating coconuts to get their meat.

A good choice is cold-pressed coconut oil as long as its manufacturer stays true about not using heat from start of the processing to its final phase.

4⃣ Stick With Unrefined Coconut Oil

If you have been in search of the best coconut oil for quite a while now then you’d know how confusing the different refining processes are.

Your best pick is unrefined coconut oil since it’s the one closely related to virgin coconut oil – without the heat and high temperature.

Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil poses more than just health benefits and for that same reason, it’s growing more popular through the years – especially to people looking for natural ways to boost their beauty.

It’s getting used as an ingredient in creams, lotions and even masks. Some even take it as a supplement to boost their health and skin from within.

For topical application, here are some of the benefits you can get from coconut oil:

  1. Coconut oil can give back your skin’s lost moisture.
  2. It’s effective in killing off bacteria as well as viruses.
  3. You can use it to get rid off bad odor.
  4. It can prevent hair breakage and make your hair grow faster.
  5. Its antioxidant properties can help slow down the signs of skin aging.
  6. Coconut oil can boost your skin’s collagen production to make it more supple and elastic.
  7. It provides minimal sun protection.
  8. It can moisturise dry, flaky and itchy scalp.

To cast away your uncertainty and save you from the confusion, below are 10 of the best ways you can effectively and easily use coconut oil for healthy skin.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Healthy Skin

Here is an infographic with 10 ideas to use coconut oil for healthy skin created by Hannah Do, the founder of ThankYourSkin. If you enjoy her list, feel free to share it with your friends.

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