6 Little-Known Tips To Get A Healthy Smile

6 Little-Known Tips To Get A Healthy Smile

We all brush our teeth daily to get that healthy, shiny smile. But if this doesn’t work for you, maybe these unknown tips to get a healthy smile will help.

We all know the basics of good oral hygiene: brush twice a day, floss at least once daily, and visit your dentist regularly.

But did you know there are a few additional ways you can keep your teeth in top shape?

If you feel like you could be doing more for your teeth, or just want to guarantee a flawless mouth, here are six little-known tips to get a healthy smile.

Tips To Get A Healthy Smile

These six little-known tips will help you get that healthy, bright smile you’ve always wanted:

1. Don’t Forget Your Tongue!

When you are doing your normal brushing, do not overlook the most bacteria-filled part of your mouth: your tongue.

You do not need a special tongue cleaner to do this, though they are very helpful. You can simply use the same bristles that brush your teeth to give your tongue a quick brush.

This will get rid of any plaque and bacteria that would otherwise remain in your mouth.

2. Make Appointments With Your Dentist

While you should make a habit of going to the dentist at least every six months, it also can’t hurt to go to the dentist even when there is nothing wrong.

It can be more cost-effective (not to mention less painful for you in the long run) to go to the dentist and let them find something that is wrong before you do.

Dental offices such as Crescent Dental are always taking on new patients. You can always schedule a meeting with a quality dentist and even become a permanent patient if you want. In return, they’ll give you the care you deserve.

3. Don’t Let Your Mouthwash Wash Away The Hard-Working Fluoride

It is likely that you are already using toothpaste with fluoride for its numerous benefits, but make sure that you are letting the fluoride work its magic.

Many people will use mouthwash right after they finish brushing. While mouthwash is important and helpful, it can also wash away the fluoride that is working so hard to clean your teeth.

To prevent this, simply hold off on your mouthwash part of your nightly routine. Brush your teeth, do something else to give the fluoride about 10-15 minutes to sink in, and then use your mouthwash.

This method will allow you to keep your teeth in tiptop shape.

4. Get More Sun

While it may seem silly to say that going outside and soaking up some rays will help your teeth, it is true!

The vitamin D that you will receive from the sun will help to keep your teeth and gums strong. So, treat yourself — and your teeth — to a nice trip to the beach.

5. Chewing Sugar-Free Gum (Or Cheese?)

Not only is sugar-free gum a great alternative to the sugar-packed gum options on the market, but also it is good for your teeth.

Chewing sugar-free gum after eating or drinking, especially if you just ate a sugary treat, will help protect your teeth.

If you are not a fan of chewing gum, try finishing your meal off with a cube of cheese. Cheese is often helpful in reducing the effects of acids from food on your teeth.

6. When In Doubt, Seal It Out

If all else fails, and you still feel like your teeth are not as healthy as they should be, look into getting sealants put in.

Sealants are most often used for children to help prevent cavities and decay, but anybody can benefit from the added layer of protection.

If you are someone who is doing all of the oral hygiene basics, but you feel like you could be doing more — try these six tips to get a healthy smile!

Your teeth will be cleaner and healthier than ever before, and cavities and decay will not stand a chance!

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