DIY Garage Gym: How To Build A Wall Ball

DIY Garage Gym: How To Build A Wall Ball

What do you think a garage gym looks like? Your commercial gym stuffed in your garage? Or maybe Rocky lifting logs and chasing chickens? Well, a garage gym is somewhere in between these two gym ideas.

You should build your own garage gym because it suits your personal performance, has less equipment and less junk, your training will be more efficient and there will be fewer isolation exercises. Most of the fittest people in the world started their journey in their garage, so you CAN reach your goal starting small.

In this DIY Garage Gym series we will learn to build useful equipments for a home gym. Are you convinced yet? Ready to start your own garage gym? Let’s get started with the first project: building your own wall ball!

Homemade Wall Ball

Cost: $13 if you already have salt pellets at your home, or under $50 if you need to buy them.
Time: Under 20 minutes.
Difficulty: Super-easy.

Equipment like this makes it really hard for me to believe that people do not have the time or money to workout at their own home. This homemade wall ball is 6 times cheaper than the one you can buy from the store.


Maybe you’re wondering why use salt pellets and not sand?! Well, here’s why:

  • Salt pellets will NOT leak if you damage your ball after repeated use, sand will.
  • Salt pellets will fully fill your basketball for better balance, sand will not.
  • Salt pellets are easy to work with and clean up.

Step 1: Make Incision

Start by making a small X cut and then try to fit the top of a bottle into the hole. The top half of the plastic bottle should help you fill the ball easier.

Step 2: Fill The Ball With Salt Pellets

Fill the basketball with the salt pellets, then shake it around and do a few drops to get that last pound of salt pellets in there. A weight of 20 lbs would be optimal for your homemade wall ball.

Step 3: Patch The Wall Ball

Use the largest size of the tire puncture kit and follow the directions to patch up your wall ball.

As you can see, this is a very cheap, very simple, and fun CrossFit equipment build. Enjoy!

How To Build A Wall Ball

The Wall Ball Workout

Wondering what exercises you can do with a wall ball? Here is a fun, full body workout you can do in your brand new garage gym:

Wall Ball Workout

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