The Main Elements Of A Tailored Exercise Regime

The Main Elements Of A Tailored Exercise Regime

Looking to build a tailored exercise regime to reach your fitness goals? Keep in mind these elements: goal, nutrition, time, and experience.

Workout routines have become commonplace thanks to the variety of exercises that cater to every training goal. They can be created for home workouts, busy mothers, or professional athletes looking to get fit.

In any situation, having a tailored exercise regime allows you to focus on specific training designed at your level of suitability. It’s a valuable means of integrating a workout into your life to ensure it works for you.

How To Create A Tailored Exercise Regime

Here are four key elements that are essential for any tailored exercise regime:

1. Goals

One of the most important factors to consider in any tailored exercise regime is the purpose of why you’re exercising in the first place.

Are you exercising to lose weight, get shapely and fit, build muscle, or do strength and endurance training for a sporting competition? The regime must be effective in helping you meet your goals.

The great benefit of an exercise plan unique to you is that your goals can be clearly defined and specific, or they can be more generalized to what you’re aiming for.

In this case, working with a personal trainer could be ideal as they have are the experts to create an individualized and conditioning workout to match your desired outcomes.

They also have the informative knowledge to help you understand how and why your chosen regime can get you to your goal, such as:

  • The type of exercises you needed for strength training.
  • What areas on your body to focus on to get into shape or slim down.
  • Which muscles you should focus on to build muscle strength.

Thus, in essence, trainers can guide you, keep you on track, support you, and hold you accountable until your desired result.

2. Diet Plan

What you consume plays a large part in supporting an exercise routine made just for you. Certain exercises require specific nutritional intake or reductions to work for your end goals.

For instance, the diet needed to slim down will differ from the necessary food to build muscle. Due to this, a functional, tailored exercise regime should include a diet plan that complements your workout.

The nutrition should include what meals you need to eat daily and the nutritional value of each meal.

Additionally, this is another aspect where trainers can advise you on nutrition and create custom meal plans.

Either way, your diet plans should be according to your workout objective, which should include example information such as:

  • How many calories you should eat or reduce to support your slimming exercise program;
  • How much protein you should eat daily to help your muscle-building exercises;
  • Food and drink limitations such as sugar and caffeine to keep your strength training exercises.

In addition to this, it’s vital that your nutritional plan remains flexible realistic and stay within healthy parameters to avoid deficiencies.

Furthermore, your regime should keep in mind the current status of your health and body so you can make alterations where necessary.

3. Dedicated Time

Decisions surrounding time and when you’re going to work out are among the most significant advantages of a tailored workout plan.

You become that master of your destiny and choose when you exercise and for how long.

If you want quick results, you can assign yourself adequate time for faster results.

Or, if you’re going to set up a long-term plan where you exercise every few days due to a busy schedule, you can do that too.

However, the one crucial element about time is that you need to choose when to work out and stick to it as strictly as possible.

Even a tailor-made exercise regimen needs dedicated time to keep you motivated, get you used to your exercising habit, and not lose sight of your goals and feel like giving up.

The time you allocate to exercise will ensure you don’t procrastinate when exercising get to its challenging stages so you can see it through.

4. Experience Level

This is likely the area where a personal training regime is most beneficial. Following pre-set workout plan illustrations has the disadvantage of exercises that may not suit you.

No matter what level you’re at, it’s not in your favor to pursue exercise that you’re unable to cope with presently.

Due to this, a tailored exercise regime should be mindful of your current strength level and capability.

If you find that most ready-made workouts are too challenging to complete, then a tailored beginner-friendly level can help you select suitable exercises for you.

As such, your regime should meet your strength levels by considering factors such as:

  • Current height and body weight;
  • Current levels of endurance and fitness;
  • Current levels of body flexibility and agility;
  • Experience using workout equipment and tools.

You’ll know if a workout plan is unsuitable for your level if the exercises leave you in pain and feeling stiff. However, there is a certain level of discomfort expected with exercising.

In contrast to this, a personalized workout plan puts the choice in your hands on which exercise to do that won’t hurt you and are doable in your realm of experience. You can then rework and incorporate the exercises into your plan as you adapt and improve strength.


Choosing to design a tailored exercise plan can have many benefits in helping you achieve your workout goals. It centers where your fitness and nutritional levels are presently and gives space to make adjustments to improve your strength.

The core elements you should consider for your custom exercises are your goals, nutritional needs, the time you have to work out, and your level of strength. In doing this, you can be confident that all the effort you put in to get fit will accomplish the results you’re looking for.

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