Tips On How To Build A Summer Body Fast

Tips On How To Build A Summer Body Fast

Want to get a slim, toned summer body? It’s not that hard if you have the right information. So follow these tips and get fit ASAP.

With the weather warming up and days getting longer, you’re no doubt excited to finally pull out your summer wardrobe of shorts and T-shirts and venture out to the neighborhood pool.

Now, you may have recently tried on last year’s swimsuit to see if it still fits and were less than thrilled to find that it was tighter than you remember.

Looking back, you enjoyed some really great meals during the winter months and your exercise levels were not what they could have been — and it’s definitely showing.

But don’t throw in the (pool) towel just yet and decide that you’ll skip swimming time this summer.

Instead, you can take tangible steps starting today to get the summer body you’ve been hoping for.

How To Get A Summer Body

Here are some tips that will really help you shed some of that winter weight and get a summer body asap:

1. Bulk Up Your Breakfast

If you tend to nibble on a piece of toast for breakfast and enjoy a hearty dinner, you might want to reverse your eating habits.

Experts say if you’re trying to slim down, consuming most of your calories before 3 p.m. can really help you to lose weight.

With that in mind, make it a point to start bulking up your morning meal with protein-rich eggs and other foods that are low in carbs. This way you’ll feel less hungry during the day.

Additionally, eat a good-sized lunch and then, for dinner, try to eat a light meal late in the afternoon or early evening.

This can include a salad with some chicken or a small portion of fish and/or steak bites with wild rice and a couple of small red potatoes.

2. Get Up And Get Moving

Another great way to get your body ready for summer is to pull yourself off the couch and start moving more than you’re typically accustomed.

Strive to do some type of exercise that gets your heart pumping for at least 20 minutes at a time, three or four times a week.

But don’t make it harder than it needs to be or something you don’t really enjoy. Instead, choose activities that you like to do, either at home, around the neighborhood or at a gym.

For instance, if you have a stationary bike in your family room and enjoy using it, put in some miles while watching one of your favorite TV shows.

You can also power walk around the neighborhood with your pooch or sign up for a new class at the gym that sounds fun.

3. Don’t Forget Strength Toning

As you start to lose weight, you want to be sure your slimmer, summer body looks nice and toned. As a bonus, strong muscles will burn calories, which will lead to added weight loss.

You can either purchase a small set of weights to use at home and/or do strengthening exercises like squats, planks, wall push-ups, and leg lifts.

Toned muscles will not only make you look great in your swimsuit and other summer clothing but will also help prevent that “thin but flabby” look.

4. Reward Yourself With New Summer Clothes

Sure, you can certainly still wear last year’s swimsuit; after all, before you know it, it will fit again and look and feel great.

But because you’re making it a point to exercise and eat healthier, why not reward your efforts with some new summer duds?

If your budget allows it, spring for a new swimsuit, as well as some colorful T’s and shorts.

If you think that “shorts are shorts — why invest in new ones when what I have in my closet still fit?”, you may want to think again and check out some of the latest styles and cuts that combine good looks with innovative features.

For example, these shorts for men and women feature flattering cuts and in a variety of colors, as well as built-in UPF 50 sun protection, which can help to protect your skin while you look good.

Have A Great Summer!

Don’t wait too long for the nice weather to return or be discouraged by your winter physique.

Start now by taking some baby steps to shed a few pounds and eat healthier, both of which will help you feel more energetic and inspired to keep moving.

After all, it’s not that hard to sculpt the summer body you’ve always wanted. Just watch what you eat, exercise regularly, and be consistent.

Finally, reward your efforts with some new clothing and enjoy the next few months in better health and style.

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