Spot Fat Reduction Is Now Possible Without Working Out Or Dieting

Spot Fat Reduction Is Now Possible Without Working Out Or Dieting

Spot fat reduction was a myth a few years ago. But technology and all the studies and buzz around weight loss changed that.

You can now spot reduce fat without dieting or working out. Crazy, right?

Now, you should understand something from the beginning of this article:

I still believe that a good diet and workout program can bring you the results you want. But for those who lost hope, this all-new spot fat reduction method could be the answer.

This is a simple presentation of a new weight loss method, backed by scientific studies, that promises fast, effective and long lasting fat burning. (1)

Spot Fat Reduction

After puberty, somewhere in our teen years, our bodies finish producing fat cells. We spend the remainder of our lives dieting and exercising only to reduce the size of our fat cells, without ever killing them off.

On the flip side, excess calories increase the size of the fat cells. It’s an endless battle that we deal with for eternity.

Until recently, procedures such as liposuction were the only solutions to remove fat cells.

But it has recently been discovered that harnessing the power of the cold can also kill fat cells. (2)

Treated areas can lose as much as 20%-25% of their fat mass.

Once treated these cells are then naturally eliminated from the body over a period of three to four months.


Once the cold’s impact on fat was discovered, marketers quickly came up with a solution. Coolsculpting is the name given to the process that harnesses the power of the cold to eliminate fat from targeted areas of the body.

Coolsculpting is exactly what the name suggests: a way of sculpting your body by subjecting it to cold.

It works particularly well with people who wish to target one or two areas of their bodies only.

The procedure is a non-invasive, non-surgical process, during which the targeted area of the body is subjected to low temperatures. Heat is driven of the fat cells, destroying them.


The medical term for destroying fat cells by subjecting them to low temperatures is referred to as Cryolipolysis.

During this process, your skin temperature is closely monitored by doctors, ensuring that no harm is caused to your body. They adjust the temperature to produce the best possible results.

Typically, one treatment results in the loss of fat worth 40g, or 7mm in thickness within two months.

Cryolipolysis works great for targeting those stubborn fat cells that resist diet and exercise.

The fat cells are never frozen (as this would be harmful to the body). Instead they are simply subjected to cold enough temperatures to create apoptosis, or cell death.

Fat Freezing At Home

While coolsculpting is a safe and effective procedure, it requires expensive medical machinery and can be extremely expensive.

You can conduct fat freezing cheaply at home, provided you know what the limitations are and take the proper precautions.

One medical session can last anywhere between one and three hours, so mimicking these effects at home can be tricky.

Studies prove that fat thickness can be reduced up to 20% in three months after treatment.

Multiple treatments can be employed. But subsequent treatments don’t produce the same results as the first.

The Isavera fat freezing system promises to allow you to safely experience the benefits of cryolipolysis at home with their fat freezing wrap.

Risks And Side Effects

The skin typically goes red as a result of fat freezing, with minor numbness and bruising being common. This can last up to a week and does not result in nerve damage.

Studies suggest that fat freezing causes no change in liver function or blood lipid level. (3)

Some users can experience mild to moderate pain. However, the pain eases in around four days.

A minuscule percentage reported severe pain in the initial five minutes once treatment began. Others reported tolerable to mild pain.

Overall, however, fat freezing is regarded as a safe and effective method of body contouring, satisfying thousands of people every year.

Spot Fat Reduction Is Now Possible Without Working Out Or Dieting

Spot Fat Reduction Is Now Possible Without Working Out Or Dieting

A Personal Recommendation

Remember, I don’t encourage this effortless weight loss method over the classic workout and diet. You should not stop trying to burn fat through working out and eating healthy.

But if you think you’ve done everything you could to lose weight and nothing helped, then yes, the coolsculpting might be the answer for you.

Anyway, don’t try new things without consulting to your doctor first. Even though this simple and quick weight loss method looks promising, your doctor might or might not recommend it for you, based on your medical background.

So if you’re struggling for years to lose weight and working out and dieting can’t deliver the results you want, then you can try this spot fat reduction method.

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