Skin Care And Protection | Useful Tips

Skin Care And Protection | Useful Tips

Skin Care And Protection

The skin is the mirror of our health and its appearance is linked to a balanced lifestyle that involves eating guided by certain rules and ritual care adapted to each type of person.

Foods rich in nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and C, as well as proper hydration and use appropriate cleaning products are just some of the elements that ensure a healthy skin.

Thus, responsible for beautiful skin are certain nutrients – omega 3 fatty acids, B group vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, selenium, copper and zinc – and therefore are shown to be consumed all foods containing them in large quantity.

The products of the season, all vegetables and fruits are absolutely exceptional, with a maximum grade for sweet red peppers, spinach and broccoli, nuts, seasonal berries – sea buckthorn, sloe and rosehip – and black grapes. Of foreign products, avocado and green tea are exceptional and should be used often. In any season, for maintaining a healthy skin is good yogurt, a real concentration of minerals and vitamins. The same maximum grade can be given for fish, which is rich in healthy fats like omega 3.

To avoid foods like: white bread, salt in large quantities, excessive alcohol, energy drinks, smoking, canned foods, excessive fermented foods, sausage products which, over time, can give a dull appearance to your skin.

Studies have shown that the chocolate can promote acne. However, dark chocolate, eaten in moderation, and beauty treatments such as chocolate wraps are beneficial for maintaining a healthy skin.

Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight (including tanning, which is a real danger), but not to avoid, even if it is fall or winter, to sit in the sun without protective creams on face, 10-15 minutes three times a week. In this way we ensure much needed vitamin D in various metabolic processes.


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