The Definitive Guide To Postpartum Exercise [Infographic]

The Definitive Guide To Postpartum Exercise [Infographic]

You’re fit, you’re working out on a regular schedule, you’re feeling great with your strong body, but then you find out you’re gonna have a baby. Is that the end of your lean body mass, the end of your fitness activity?

Giving birth is certainly something worth celebrating, but the “damage” to your fitness level is not nearly as welcomed. Because the body changes a lot during the pregnancy, for many moms it’s really hard to get back on track and find their fitness balance afterward.

This postpartum exercise guide is exactly for those kinds of moms, who are looking for a little help and guidance to restore their fitness level after pregnancy.

If you plan on becoming a mom in the future, you can save this infographic and use it when it’s time. But if you’re a new mom, and you really want to bring your body back into shape, just follow this step-by-step postpartum exercise guide.

The process is not fast or easy, but in less than 15 weeks your body should be healed and you should return to your pre-pregnancy fitness level. Now that you know it’s possible to regain your fitness, you just have to be patient and follow all 3 stages of this postpartum exercise guide.

Postpartum Exercise Transformation

Postpartum Exercise Guide

The postpartum exercise guide contains 3 stages you need to follow:

1. The First 6 Weeks After Giving Birth

In the first stage of the postpartum exercise guide, your goal is to recover physically, strengthen the pelvic floor and lower abdominals, and increase your mobility.

2. Weeks 7 – 12 After Giving Birth

In the second stage of the guide your goal is to engage in light-moderate activity, to increase walking and to perform more challenging exercises, such as:

  • Kegal Squats;
  • Planks;
  • Crunch beats;
  • Hamstring Curls and more.

3. After 12 Weeks After Giving Birth

The last stage helps you to engage in moderate-intense exercises, to lead you back to your pre-pregnancy fitness level. Now you can perform some explosive exercises, such as:

  • Mountain Climbers;
  • Lunges;
  • Russian Twists;
  • Frog Squats and more.

Postpartum Exercise Infographic

For more details on how to exercise after pregnancy and get your body back on track, check out the infographic below created by the guys from MakeYourBodyWork (also, you can check their article too, which is a very comprehensive guide).

If you enjoyed this guide please share it with your friends and family. Stay fit!

Postpartum Exercise Infographic

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