The Benefits Of Using Portable Oxygen Tanks

The Benefits Of Using Portable Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen is essential to life. However, there are instances when life deals us a bad hand, and our bodies end up needing help to utilize it optimally. In these cases, portable oxygen tanks are required.

If you’re struggling with a breathing disorder, there are things you can do to make breathing easier, and improve the overall quality of life.

Luckily, with the appearance of small oxygen tanks, if you suffer from lung disease or breathing disorders, you don’t need to worry as these can help you maintain your freedom of movement, as well as your independence.

Portable oxygen tanks are luckily widely available and have become a game-changer. These devices do not require refills to operate; they harness circulating air, infiltrate it, and filter it making the air oxygen-rich for your requirements.

They can be powered by plugging the battery into an electrical port, and the advantage is, they can be charged anywhere since they come with adaptors that enable you to use them while driving.

The Benefits Of Using Portable Oxygen Tanks

There are benefits of using portable oxygen tanks and these are:

1. Better Sleep Quality

According to UCSF Health, we all experience lower levels of blood oxygen while sleeping due to some alveoli that don’t work as we sleep. And the level of our breathing is reduced slightly.

Therefore, if your quality of sleep is constantly poor, you should see your physician, and ask them to prescribe a sleep oximetry test.

If you’re suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), or a different type of lung disease, your sleep could be constantly interfered with, and this will lead to deeper health issues.

When this is the case, your physician will be able to recommend a portable oxygen tank to help you sleep better as it will assist in increasing blood oxygen levels.

2. Ease Of Use

Some oxygen tanks prove a bit confusing to use due to the number of functions, buttons, and switches that come with them, which can make it quite frustrating to use.

This, however, is not the case with the portable oxygen tanks. They are compact tanks, look clean and elegant, and adapt to your oxygen requirements over time.

When the control panel of a portable oxygen tank is easy to use and operate, you will also manage to keep tabs of usage and control battery usage.

3. Improved Stamina

With more oxygen in your blood flowing through your body, you will be able to withstand the effects of regular workout or physical activity.

Small oxygen tanks will enable you to keep up with your exercise daily, improve your endurance for strenuous activity, and generally build a stronger body.

With continued use, you will experience an overall improvement in situations that normally result in shortness of breath and wheezing. This is especially true for those suffering from COPD as they benefit from using medical grade oxygen.

According to Wikipedia, these tanks help to fight exercise tolerance by allowing the user to engage in physical activity for longer periods at a time.

4. Reduction Of Hypoxemia Risk

Hypoxemia is a condition in which your blood lacks oxygen. Its symptoms are asthmatic, and will be characterized by a bluish tint to the skin, shortness of breath, and can lead to the onset of other health issues.

As individuals are distinctive and unique, the advantages of using portable oxygen concentrators may vary and will manifest in contrasting ways. However, their use has been known to potentially reduce the side-effects of Hypoxemia.

5. Increase In Mental Alertness

When you continually feel as if you’re walking through murkiness especially after a period of sleep, this could mean you’re probably not getting adequate oxygen during sleep periods. And this will, in turn, affect all parts of your body, your brain included.

When you’re suffering from lung disease, one of the indicators is being in a state of bewilderment. With the use of an oxygen concentrator, your blood oxygen levels will be increased, and in turn, so will be your responsiveness and alertness.

6. Independence

The beauty of portable oxygen tanks is that you can take them with you wherever you go. They are designed with adaptability and mobility in mind.

You can do whatever you wish or go wherever you want easily while using these devices as are they are light-weight.

Now, using a portable oxygen tank might not be comfortable but it surely is an easy way to improve your health and increase the quality of your life. So if you’re in need of an oxygen concentrator, don’t be afraid to use it!

When your body is properly oxygenated, you sleep better, exercise easier and for longer periods of time, and improve your brain function.

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