The Perfect Workout Challenge To Get You Slim ASAP

The Perfect Workout Challenge To Get You Slim ASAP

Get slim and trim your waist with the perfect workout challenge inspired by my personal experiences and designed for your personal needs.

If I learned something in these years since I’ve dedicated myself to fitness, it is that getting slim and fit it’s not about complicating your life. It’s about simplifying it!

You don’t have to go to the gym every day. Or to work out 1-2 hours daily. NO! The perfect workout time in a day is 30 minutes of high-intensity training. And you can do bodyweight training to work every muscle of your body without any expensive equipment.

Pick a workout for yourself, one that you can do, and try to follow it for a month or two. You can be creative and increase the number of reps, or sets, add weight or even change some exercises with harder ones.

Mix and match to your style until you find the perfect workout challenge and follow it until you reach your goal.

You don’t have to spend all your pocket money on fitness supplements that help you increase your muscular mass, or speed up the fat-burning process. All these powerful nutrients and vitamins already exist in your food. You just have to choose the right foods for your fitness goal.

For example, here are the best foods for your abs, and here are the best foods for your butt.

The Perfect Workout Challenge

Here is a workout challenge that I find suitable for everyone, men and women, beginner and advanced. This perfect workout challenge is more like a pyramid challenge that consists of 6 simple exercises that don’t require any kind of equipment.

Here are the moves:

1. Push-Ups

Push Ups


During a set of the perfect workout challenge, you’ll have to do 10 push-ups at the beginning and 10 at the end of the set.

2. Sit-Ups



You should do 20 sit-ups twice during a single set.

3. Squats

SquatsThere are 60 squats in a set, divided into 2 sessions of 30 reps.

4. Lunges



You’ll have to perform 20 lunges per leg, twice during a single set.

5. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Can you do 50 jumping jacks? But can you do it twice?

6. Wall Sit

Wall Sit

Wall Sit

Just sit in a squat position with your back aligned with the wall for one minute. It doesn’t seem a hell of an exercise but it’s really effective.

Let’s make some math here! In total, in just one set are:

  • 20 push-ups;
  • 40 sit-ups;
  • 60 squats;
  • 80 lunges;
  • 100 jumping jacks;
  • 60 seconds wall sit.

And there are 3 sets. So this workout should take you 30-40 minutes. It’s high intensity and will pump your heart like crazy.

If you feel you can’t finish it on the first day, don’t worry. Stop when you’re exhausted, and try to beat your record on the next workout day.

Do this perfect workout challenge 3-6 days per week, depending on your fitness level. I would recommend starting low with only 3 times per week and then increase every 2 weeks.

Here’s a 60-day plan for the perfect workout challenge:

  • Weeks 1 and 2 -> 3 times/week;
  • Weeks 3 and 4 -> 4 times/week;
  • Weeks 5 and 6 -> 5 times/week;
  • Weeks 7 and 8 -> 6 times/week;

Remember: The perfect workout challenge is the one that fits you best.

The Perfect Workout Challenge to get you slim

The perfect workout challenge to get you slim

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6 years ago

I will give this web to my girlfriends,i want my girlfrieds to get Slim ASAP.