Paleo Lifestyle Is An Online Trend Right Now

Paleo Lifestyle Is An Online Trend Right Now

I’ve just browsed through Instagram and I’ve seen a lot of Paleo meals and a lot of people talking basically about this Paleo diet as Paleo lifestyle. So what I want to do is to give you guys a little rundown of exactly what it is and how it could affect your body.

I don’t like calling this a diet! For me it’s a lifestyle because I’m not dieting, I’m eating healthy. And I like to eat healthy because I wanna do what’s right for my body and what makes me feel good and gives me energy.

How the Paleo lifestyle works?

It’s as simple as it sounds: basically you’re thinking of Paleolithic and cavemen. So you’re eating just what the caveman would. It sounds pretty simple and it really is. It’s actually one of the easiest diets that I think there is right now to follow.

What NOT to eat

You’re gonna think back to “what did the caveman eat?”. So cavemen didn’t have microwaves, manufactured or processed foods. The biggest part of the Paleo diet, or Paleo lifestyle as I like to call it, is cutting out the processed foods. So processed things would be anything from the freezer (unless it’s frozen vegetables or frozen fruits). You don’t wanna eat anything that’s gone through a process with machines, just like:

  • cereals – a lot of cereals are processed;
  • pure sugar in a bag – that is processed;
  • bread;
  • flour;
  • anything with sugar (icecream and soda too!!!);
  • chips;
  • tortilla;
  • dairies;
  • beans;
  • rice.

What to eat

It sounds horrible when I say all that, right? So how I like to look at it is rather than thinking “I can’t eat this! I can’t eat that!”, I think of it positively: “What can I eat?”. And you can eat:

  • meat;
  • vegetables;
  • fresh fruits;
  • nuts;
  • eggs;
  • and drink only water.

You would be surprised how many meals you can make just from eating these different things.

Don’t need to count calories

One of the things that makes Paleo diet so simple is that you don’t have to count calories. You eat untill you’re full. How satisfying is that!? The thing with eating your meat and your vegetables is that the meat is so fulling that it’s not gonna be empty calories. You’re not eating potato chips where you can sit there and literally eat a whole bag and still be hungry afterwards.

Learn to say no

I know a lot of people think “Diets are horrible because you tell yourself no all the time.” but you should be actually exciting about this because this is a lesson on self control. This is going to teach you how to tell yourself no. You’re strengthening yourself as a person is what I like to think of it does.

There’s a lot of Paleo recipes online. You can check also this recipe: Paleo Turkish Delight Panna Cotta Recipe. We will definitely post more Paleo recipes here on FitneAss.

With the Paleo lifestyle you don’t have to deal with your blood sugar spiking. It’s gonna help keep the insulin levels down. Insulin is what makes your body decide to store fat.

You get proteins

The amounts of proteins that you’re consuming through this Paleo lifestyle it’s going to help you build muscles and keep it on. For women… you’re probably a little put off by that, but the great thing about it it’s that you’re not gonna be one of that “skinny fat people” (they’re skinny but they have a flabby belly). This is gonna keep you strong and solid, it’s gonna support your body keeping muscle.

Cut off processed carbs

When you eat so much carbs your body decides to store fat as an emergency fuel source. So when you cut off all the processed carbs from your diet, your body decides that it gets enough fats and it doesn’t need to store fat anymore. So your body it’s start using the fat directly as a fuel source rather than just storing it for later use.

The paleo lifestyle is a diet that I would encourage everyone to do because it’s healthy, it’s easy and you’re not putting your body into starvation mode. You’re not just drinking liquids or doing something crazy. You’re actually giving your body what it needs and what it craves.

I hope I encouraged you guys to try out this Paleo lifestyle. Once you start eating clean you’re gonna realize that your body really does feel better, you’re leaner and you’ve got more energy. You just overall feel better because your body is getting those essential nutrients and vitamins that it needs.

If you have any questions or comments leave them down below. Stay fit!

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