8 Best Tips For Stress Relief You Should Try Right Now

8 Best Tips For Stress Relief You Should Try Right Now

What stresses you out the most? Leave a comment and let me know. In this article I’m counting down top 8 tips for stress relief. So favorite this webpage and come back whenever you’re feeling stressed out.

Chances are if you’re stressed out, you don’t think that you have any time for stress relief. But the fact is we can’t afford not to make some time for stress relief. I know it seems really important that we get all our errands done. But a life full of stress just isn’t worth it.

Stress compromises our immune system so we can actually get sick more often, it can cause indigestion, infertility and it can even prevent weight loss. Recognize that stress is gonna increase your likelihood of developing chronic disease and just general illness.

At the end of our life, it’s going to be a lot more important that we took care of out physical and mental health than if we just got all of our errands done.

1. One Minute Meditation

My favorite recommendation for people who don’t have time for stress relief, is the one-minute breathwork meditation. So you repeat this mantra:

There will never be enough time for me to get all of the things done that I want to do. And that’s okay!

While it sounds really silly, accepting the fact that will never gonna have the time to do all the things we want to do, is something that we can’t avoid and the faster that we accept that, the better we’re going to feel.

So you repeat this mantra to yourself, just focus on your breath and relax. One of the most important things for me is noticing the tension in my brow and reminding myself to relax my brow, relax my face, relax all my muscles. If you start with this one minute per day, no more, no less, then this is a good way to build in a little habit of stress relief. And everybody has 1 minute per day to spend on this!

2. Mindfulness

It’s easy to spend our lives in a world wind of distraction. The TV on, radio playing, our iPod playing, conversations going on in the cubicle next to us, etc. And when we especially think about being in our car for instance, you can think about all the distractions of billboards, different cars, different signs and you get the idea that we’re not really focused on anything. We have our mind in a lot of different places, we’re always multitasking.

So rather than having our attentions split between 20 different things, we’re actually going to focus our intention on what we’re doing. This is great because you can actually create a practice for stress relief out of anything that you do, just by being mindful about it.

I like to use the acronym BRENT to help me remember:

B – breathe;

R – relax your body;

E – enjoy the things around you;

N – notice the things around you;

T – thank. Have gratitude for the things around you.

Hopefully you can start using BRENT in your own life to help make everything in your life a little bit more mindful, a little bit more focused. And as we put more focus and intention in the things that we do, we’re not only going to get things done more quickly, but those things can be stress relieving simply by adding mindfulness.

3. Have Some Fun!

Chances are if you are stressed out you do not make time for yourself to have fun, have hobbies and just do things that you enjoy. But doing these things is incredibly important to help relieve stress, help improve our overall physical and mental health.

There’s plenty of different things you can do and as always this is about finding the thing that you like to do. You could take up Yoga, you could take up a new hobby or take an art class, join a meet up group or a book club. So go have some fun, do something you enjoy and enjoy the stress relief that accompanies that.

4. Know Your Triggers

We’re all triggered by different things and this tip is about the next time you’re feeling stressed you actually stop for a second and ask “what triggered this?”. Some common triggers are due dates, datelines, traffic jams, running late for an appointment, maybe having a demanding boss or a demanding work situation, family stress etc.

We only have so much power in avoiding our triggers, but that is one aspect of this tip. The main thing is that we start recognizing our triggers and kind of keeping a mental list of those triggers so that we can be aware of them when they’re about to happen. So once those triggers are triggered we can implement the next tip.

5. Stress Relief Trick

Once we have a general idea of what are different stress triggers are, then we can begin to implement our stress relief trick. The cool thing about the stress relief trick is that it is different for everybody and the whole idea is that you figure out what works for you.

So you could do the one-minute breathing meditation, you can remember BRENT, you could also do any number of different things. Some people will tap on acupressure points, maybe it’s harming the lyrics of your favorite song, maybe it’s taking a run around the block or who knows.

The whole idea is that you figure out something that you like to do, something that works for you, and that you start implementing your stress relief trick every time you feel stress coming on. Overtime, that will become a habit and will become a habit that immediately starts to de-stress you whenever you start doing whatever is in your little stress relief trick.

Live Stress Free

Live Stress Free


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