Revitalize Your Hair Naturally With These Organic Oils

Revitalize Your Hair Naturally With These Organic Oils

Maintaining the health of our hair is crucial, so we’ve covered two natural hair care solutions that require minimal prep time and effort.

Beautiful, strong, and long hair is something most ladies desire. Yes, you can achieve this with shampoos and hair creams and lotions, but at what cost?

We’ve had enough chemical scares to last us a lifetime, and frankly, we don’t even know if the shampoo is our friend or our biggest enemy.

So why not go all natural? This is possible with the help of the below hair care solutions. The recipes are easy to follow and require close to zero prep time. Take a look!

Natural Hair Care With Organic Oils

Since the health of our hair is very important, and usually shows the health of our body too, let’s have a look at a couple of natural hair care solutions that require only a little bit of prep time – buying the oils.

1. Coconut Oil

Natural hair care

Lately, coconut oil has become a big trend in the world of natural care enthusiasts, and this time we’re happy about that because it’s not just a silly fad.

Coconut oil is great for healthy hair because it helps hydrate without leaving an oily residue that requires you to wash your hair a hundred times after you applied it.

It is even more beneficial for those who are battling dandruff or dry scalp, because not only does it hydrate but it also has antifungal properties, helping you get rid of dandruff.


  1. To apply it, remember first of all that at normal room temperature it’s usually solid (unless it’s summer, in which case it’s a bit runnier).
  2. You take a bit in your hands, and then you rub your palms together. That way it melts and spreads evenly on your hair. You can apply more of it on your hair ends if you want to prevent split hairs.
  3. Keep this coconut oil mask on your hair for about 30 minutes to one hour, and then wash it off with shampoo.

2. Olive Oil

The Benefits of Olive Oil

Have you ever seen Italian or Greek women with unhealthy hair? I didn’t think so.

A very nice trick an Italian friend has taught me is to make a mask using olive oil and nothing more. You should always aim to buy extra virgin cold-pressed organic olive oil to get the full benefits.

It makes your hair shiny and healthy, and it hydrates it as well. It’s enough if you apply this mask just once a week or every couple of weeks, and it will completely change the way your hair looks.


  1. You should heat up a bit of olive oil by putting the bottle in hot water. But keep in mind it shouldn’t be too hot because it will be on your hair and you don’t want to burn it. You can also pour a bit into a cup and place that cup in a pot of hot water for a few minutes.
  2. When the oil has heated, dab a bit of it on your hands and start running your fingers through your hair. Don’t rush this because it’s important you spread it on the length of your hair and that it covers all hairs.
  3. Be careful not to put too much of it on your scalp, otherwise, you will have to rinse a bit more thoroughly when you wash it off an hour later so that your hair doesn’t look oily when you get out of the shower.

Final Words

Have you ever tried coconut and olive oil on your hair? Did you mix it with anything else to make a mask or did you use it as is? Feel free to share your natural hair care tips with us in a comment.

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