Muscle Soreness Remedy Ideas That Really Work

Muscle Soreness Remedy Ideas That Really Work

Muscle Soreness Remedy

We have all been there. After a grueling workout or a day of physical activity, you notice that the next day your muscles seem very sore. You may have trouble walking, exercising, or just doing everyday activities. If you are trying to work out regularly and often pushing you limits, this soreness could hinder your efforts. So how can you beat this feeling? With one of our muscle soreness remedy ideas. Here, you will find just a few of many that can help.

Take A Break And Relax

Do not overwork your muscles. Know your limits and always stick to them, even as you increase the intensity of your workout. Take a break of 24-84 hours between intense workouts. One of the best muscle soreness remedy ideas is to get a deep tissue massage. A long bath of around a half hour can also help.

Instead of hitting the gym while your muscles are sore, go for a swim, instead. Or, you might want to chill out on the couch with a nice ice pack on your muscles. Any and all of these relaxing ideas are great ways to get over soreness quicker.

Warm-Ups And Cool Downs

Ever wondered why people are always warming up and cooling down before and after workouts? These short periods may consist of stretches and simple exercises. Many people warm up and cool down during their workouts because it prevents cramps. It is also a fabulous muscle soreness remedy.

Even if you do get a bit sore later, stretching can help you to prevent stiffness. If your muscles are already sore, you can gently stretch them until you feel the pain is gone. As soon as your experience that sensation, stop stretching your muscle and ease the soreness.

Food Remedies

Believe it or not you can also find a muscle soreness remedy or two in your cabinet.

  • Recent studies prove that sour cherry juice, drank after a workout, can help ease muscle soreness.
  • Before a workout, you might want to consider sipping a coffee. Or two. Drink 2 cups of coffee before a workout to prevent soreness and muscle tiredness.
  • Some claim that watermelon juice can do the same thing.
  • Although you do not eat it, rosemary, when made into a wash, can help to relieve soreness. Just apply it to the area twice per day while your muscles are still sore.

Muscle Soreness Remedy

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