4 Ways To Maximize Calorie-Burning When Strength Training

4 Ways To Maximize Calorie-Burning When Strength Training

Everyone should do strength training because you burn calories during and after your workout. Also, the harder you train, the more muscle mass you gain and the more body fat you burn. So if you want to lose weight and to maximize calorie-burning, you need to be more creative as you gain experience.

Tips To Maximize Calorie-Burning

While every calorie counts, here are 4 easy ways to maximize calorie-burning before and after each strength training workout:

1. Do More Reps

Don’t stop when you get to those 12 required reps if you can do one or two more. By doing 10 – 20 more reps you’ve just added one or two extra sets to your workout, which means the first step to maximize calorie-burning is done.

2. Move Between Sets

Add movement to your rest period, and instead of waiting for the next upper body exercise, do some simple moves for the lower body and vice versa. So when you’re training biceps, do some high knee jumps or squats between sets. Or when you’re training legs, do some push-ups during your rest period.

3. Take Shorter Rest Periods

When you’re performing strength training, try to minimize rest period to maximize calorie-burning. With other words, if your rest period between sets is 2-3 minutes, just make it one minute. This way you’ll burn more calories and you’ll save some precious time.

4. Focus On Your Biggest Muscles

The more muscle mass you’re involving in the movement, the more calories you burn. While glutes is the biggest muscle in the human body, do squats, lunges and other lower body exercises if you want to lose weight and to maximize calorie-burning. You will burn over 50% more calories with this technique.

Be creative and switch things around to maximize calorie-burning and to get the most out of your workout. Don’t stop when your progress isn’t as easy as it used to be, but find some new tweaks to bring it back on track. Discipline and adaptation bring you the progress.

How To Maximize Calorie-Burning

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