How To Prevent And Treat Marionette Lines

How To Prevent And Treat Marionette Lines

Do you have facial wrinkles that run vertically between your mouth and chin? Those are marionette lines. Here’s how to prevent and treat them.

If you’ve looked in the mirror and started to notice lines running vertically down from the corners of your mouth to your chin, you should know that you’re not alone.

Marionette lines are a common type of facial wrinkle. The skin around the mouth is thinner than other areas of your face, so it’s one of the first places that visible signs of aging start to show.

Most people start to notice these wrinkles in their 40s, but they can show in your late 20s and early 30s.

So how do you avoid marionette lines, and what are the best treatments to get rid of them? Let’s take a closer look.

The Causes Of Marionette Lines

Just like other fine lines and wrinkles, marionette lines are caused by the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin due to aging. These two proteins play a vital role in keeping your skin firm, plump, and springy.

The effects of muscle movement and gravity also play a role, making the area around the mouth more prone to wrinkles and lines.

Lifestyle choices can also cause premature aging. For example, excessive sun exposure and a poor diet can cause the skin to lose elasticity.

In addition, habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can cause a loss of hydration, making marionette lines appear more prominent.

How To Prevent Marionette Lines

There’s no silver bullet for preventing wrinkles and fine lines. But there are some measures you can take to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

1. Daily Skincare Routine

Keeping your skin clear, hydrated, and nourished is the foundation of every anti-aging skincare regime.

Cleanse your skin in the morning and evening, and make sure you remove makeup before going to bed.

Try to use a gentle cleanser and anti-aging serum, and use a moisturizer daily to keep your skin hydrated.

2. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Fluctuations in weight can cause the skin to stretch and then sag. The mouth area and jawline are some of the areas where this can be most noticeable.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to shed pounds gradually. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help you maintain your weight.

3. Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure

Overexposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays can cause damage to the skin, increasing the risk of marionette lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging. When your skin is exposed, make sure you apply an SPF 30 sunscreen.

A study in Dermatologic Surgery also shows that wearing sunscreen every day can help to turn back the clock and reverse superficial wrinkles and fine lines.

How To Get Rid Of Marionette Lines

While a surgical facelift used to be the only way to reverse marionette lines, there are now more options that involve much less downtime and are much cheaper.

Here’s a rundown of the best ways to treat marionette lines:

1. Surgical Facelift

The only permanent treatment for marionette lines is a surgical facelift. The procedure works by making surgical incisions to tighten the skin and lift the tissue in the lower face. Excess skin is removed to address sagging and improve the appearance of marionette lines.

You can expect results to be long-lasting, but you will need to take a couple of weeks off work to recover following the surgery.

Because a facelift is a major procedure, you may want to try other methods before opting for this type of marionette lines treatment.

2. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are the most effective non-surgical treatment of marionette lines. The procedure involves injections of hyaluronic acid to restore lost volume to the area around the mouth and lift the skin from within.

The injections of marionette filler deliver immediate results. You’ll notice an instant improvement following the treatment. The filler product will settle over the next two weeks, and the full results will become apparent. You can expect results to last from six months to a year.

3. Chemical Peels

Unlike the other two marionette lines treatments, chemical peels require multiple sessions to achieve noticeable results. The procedure involves a chemical solution being applied to remove the upper layers of skin.

By removing the outer layers, you can replace old skin with fresher, younger cells. As a result, wrinkles and lines appear reduced as the body produces more collagen and elastin. The best results are achieved after a series of six sessions spaced a month apart.

There’s no way to stop the aging process altogether, but there are lots of ways to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

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