How To Look Your Best When Taking Outdoor Photos

How To Look Your Best When Taking Outdoor Photos

Planning an outdoor photoshoot? These makeup tips will definitely help you look your best during the photo shooting session.

Did you know that indoor and outdoor makeup differ?

Even the brightest indoor lighting can’t show your flaws better than sunshine. Meanwhile, outdoor shades can change face and body contours.

Sounds complicated? Not really. Even if you fail to apply the right makeup, a guru photographer can still make amazing pictures.

But why not give him or her a hand and turn amazing pictures into a real masterpiece?

Makeup To Look Your Best In Outdoor Photos

New York leading photographer Araman shared a few makeup tips to help you look your best when taking outdoor photos. Let’s take a look.

1. Leave The Shine Out

Outdoor photos are usually very bright. They outline even the tiniest bit of shine on your face. So if you don’t control the shine, your face will look greasy.

In order to neutralize the oily look, use a primer.

Opt for matte formula foundation to keep the shine down. Always use some powder on top of the foundation.

Pay special attention to the highly shiny spots, such as nose, chin, and forehead. In case your skin is oily, apply more makeup.

If you have fine lines, try to avoid too much powder or it will settle in the creases.

Little trick: Carry oil blotting paper around with you to handle the greasy spots outdoors.

2. Don’t Lose Color

When the sun is shining and the variety of natural colors is overwhelming, you need to stand out. The bright light can drain your face of color and make you appear paler and older.

Consider applying makeup, which is a shade brighter than you usually wear. Get a brighter lipstick and a deeper blush for the photoshoot.

Little trick: Try to avoid shiny and sunny spots for outdoor photographs. You’ll be stuck reapplying makeup, squinting your eyes, and struggling with shade. The sun should come from behind instead of shining in your face.

3. Use High-Quality Makeup

If you are planning a lengthy photoshoot (some may last up to four hours), make sure the products you use on your face are long lasting. You don’t want to waste time reapplying makeup every hour.

Look for waterproof makeup. It should stay intact even if the weather is humid. Such makeup may not be suitable for everyday use, but it’s great for a photoshoot.

Little trick: Always test your makeup a couple days before the shoot. You don’t want to end up with an allergic reaction.

Quick Tips To Help You Look Your Best

Here are a few more tips to help you look your best when you take outdoor photos:

  1. Once you are out of the house, make a selfie to see how well you’ve done your job. It’s better to touch up before the shoot than in the middle of it.
  2. Go bolder on the eyes. Your makeup should make the eyes literally “pop out”.
  3. Use a foundation with a sun protection factor, instead of a greasy sunscreen.
  4. Use a setting spray to help your makeup last longer.
  5. Consider booking a professional makeup artist to make sure your makeup is perfect.

Applying makeup for outdoor photos differs from your regular beauty routine. A few professional tips can help you look your best in the pictures and forget about touch-ups.

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