6 Surprising Steps To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

6 Surprising Steps To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

These tips are going to unleash the inner alpha male in you and really increase your testosterone. And we’re going to dive in and hit all these different components that factor into this because boosting your testosterone and having these sky-high testosterone levels is so complex.

There’s so much more than just taking a pill when you’re trying to increase your testosterone. We live in this magic pill society and a lot of us think we can just take a pill and get really strong, and get ripped and be an action-taking alpha male. It’s not that easy!

Increase Your Testosterone

We’re going to really dive deep into the mental aspect of this and hit hard on six different topics that are going to naturally increase your testosterone:

1. High Perception Of Yourself

So the first component that will increase your testosterone naturally is making a lot of money. And so let’s think about this. Let’s kind of reverse engineer this. So making a lot of money obviously gives you a high perception of yourself.

So how you perceive yourself really impacts your testosterone levels and just how much energy, how much action you take, and how much money you make.

All these different components will go into your perception of yourself. And obviously, there’s no greater way to increase and elevate your perception of reality and yourself than to make a lot of money. So I thought that was really interesting.

There are some studies that actually studied the testosterone levels of two different groups of individuals. So the first test, they had these individuals assume low power positions. So they would kind of just like cross their arms. They wouldn’t take up a lot of space. Their head would be down. And they measured their testosterone levels.

Then the scientists did the next study 20 minutes later, where subjects assumed these power positions where they were kind of like posted up. They’re taking a lot of space and are very comfortable with their environment. And their testosterone levels instantly rise by 25%.

So it just shows you that even something as simple as assuming a power position versus kind of like closing off your energy in your body can dramatically increase your testosterone levels. Your body showcases to the world how you think of yourself.

So one of the biggest things that you have to mentally figure out is your perception of yourself and just the confidence you have in yourselves. So just tell yourself throughout the day:

“I’m an alpha male. I take action. I’m a beast and I’ll be bigger and stronger than my competition. I’m smarter than my competition.”

Whatever kind of mindset that you have to get yourself into and whatever thing that you have to say to kind of tap into that “alphaness” of you, that alpha male that’s inside all of us, just do it.

So remind yourself throughout the day that you’re a man and men take action, move forward, and make things happen. So if you want to increase your testosterone, you got to move your energy forward, take action in all aspects of life, and dominate the world.

2. Meditation

Another mental aspect that really increases your testosterone levels naturally is something as simple as meditation and what mediation does is shut off your mind.

The people who worry all the time have all this fear, all this anxiety that jacks up their cortisol levels. If your cortisol levels are all the way up here, you’re going to have really low testosterone.

So meditate, calm your mind. Meditation is basically shutting off your mind and not thinking, not worrying. So people who meditate 20 minutes a day have been shown to have much higher testosterone levels.

3. Workout

You have got to be doing two different things if you want to increase your testosterone levels. These are the two most important things that you can do to naturally raise your testosterone as far as exercise goes:

So high-intensity interval training is incorporating your fast-twitch muscle fibers. You have the most fast-twitch muscle fibers in your hamstrings, so something, like running sprint intervals and doing dumbbell squat jumps, is two great ways to increase your testosterone.

If you just look at a body of a sprinter, these guys are chiseled, ripped, and have really low body fat. They have really high testosterone levels. So you can do something as simple as running sprint intervals two times a week to naturally increase your testosterone levels.

You have to be lifting heavy weights if you want to really increase your testosterone levels. You can’t be doing all these bodyweight exercises, all these shapers, and have sky-high testosterone levels. Maximum intensity compound exercises are a must!

The really heavy four to six reps if you want to elevate your body’s testosterone levels. So doing things like the squat and the deadlift, or the bench-press and the barbell shrug, are exercises that put the most overload on your body’s largest and strongest muscle groups. This will elicit maximum testosterone production.

4. Cholesterol

Now there’s a huge myth that’s been recently debunked as far as cholesterol is really bad for you. And cholesterol is the precursor to testosterone production.

To increase your testosterone you need to be consuming healthy cholesterol. By healthy cholesterol I mean things like:

  • organic whole eggs;
  • grass-fed beef;
  • wild-caught fish;
  • organic chicken;
  • organic turkey.

So these all are really good forms, abundant forms of amino acids, and really high-quality protein, but they contain cholesterol that’s going to boost your testosterone levels.

Keep in mind that your body cannot produce free testosterone for you to have maximum energy and strength and lean muscle gains without this cholesterol. So get some good cholesterol in your diet and you’ll have really amazing energy levels.

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

I know you are waiting for me to just say like, “oh, take this pill, sit on your ass all day and you will be machines”. Obviously, it doesn’t work like this! But if you want to take some pills that are going to help elevate your testosterone, omega-3 fatty acids are one of the best things that you can be taking.

It’s been shown that people who lack omega-3s in their diet (and 90 to 95% of people have too many omega-6s versus omega-3s in their diet), these people have low testosterone levels.

So get omega-3 from:

  • a fish oil pill;
  • a krill oil;
  • an all-natural plant-sourced omega-3;

6. Sleep

If you want to increase your testosterone naturally, you need quality sleep. You need at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night. You’re working out and you’re doing all these things throughout the day, so sleep is when your body gets to recover and replenish itself.

Your body secretes all your hormones within the first couple of hours of your sleep cycle. You have testosterone, and you have your HGH, and all these really important metabolic hormones are secreted when you hit your REM sleep cycles.

You need to have uninterrupted quality sleep and a supplement that really helps with this is melatonin. This is a really cheap, high-quality supplement that you can take to naturally increase your testosterone levels.

So those are six steps to naturally elevating your testosterone. Do not fall into this magic pill society where you think you can just take a pill and have sky-high testosterone levels, have maximum energy, improve your strength, and improve lean muscle gains.

Your body doesn’t work like that. All things have to be combined. You should really work on your mental aspects to increase your testosterone.

And you have your workouts and your diet. All these things have to come into cohesion to actually maximize your natural testosterone production.

So take all these things into consideration. If you implement all these things into your lifestyle and your mental framework, you will make some really positive changes and you’re going to unleash that inner alpha male.

Unleash that testosterone onto the world. You’re going to take action, reframe how you think, lift heavyweight, run sprints, and do all these things to naturally increase your testosterone.

So these are the steps to naturally increase your testosterone. Stay fit!


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