Gym HIIT Workout And Alternatives For Home

Gym HIIT Workout And Alternatives For Home

For today’s workout we’re gonna use a barbell and a big Swiss ball. If you don’t have that at home there will be some alternatives. You’re gonna lift really heavy in this gym HIIT workout and you’re gonna reach your personal records, so make sure you keep track of what weights you’re using.

Gym HIIT Workout

I want you to lift hard because it’s not gonna make you bulky and like a man. It’s gonna make you toned, it’s gonna make you look good, it’s gonna keep you super lean. Let’s move!

1. Underhand Rows

Let’s start this gym HIIT workout with 15 underhand rows for your biceps and your back. Bring your elbows all the way back and make sure that bar is reaching to your belly button. Be sure your chest is open and you’re sitting your butt back. The knees are hip width apart, your toes are facing forward.

If you wanna do this gym HIIT workout at home and you don’t have a barbell, you can do 50 reach and crushes.

2. Hopscotch Burpees

Let’s get elementary! For this exercise you don’t need a barbell. You’ve got hopscotch burpees, 8 on each leg. Take 1,2,3,4 hops, bring it down, leg out, leg in and reach it up.

3. Rainbow Presses

Rainbow presses are for your shoulders mainly, and some chest and upper back. They’re called rainbows because obviously you are drawing a rainbow right above your head. Make sure you are exhaling on the way up and inhaling on the way down and keep that posture tall.

The version for the ones who want to work at home is 15 shoulder pushups.

4. In-out Floor Touches

Time to give me some cardio! Do these in-out floor touches 40 times or do them for 1 minute, it’s up to you. You’re gonna squat and hit that floor!

5. Single Leg Bridge Lift

This gym HIIT workout is a booty building exercise. Make sure those hips goes all the way up, toes pointing up in the air. To make it harder put the foot on a step or riser. Do this exercise 20 times each side.

6. Ball Pass

This move is all about the core: 15 ball passes. You can do this without the ball but the ball adds a little bit extra resistance.

7. Burpee Tucks

I’m gonna say sorry in advance because these 15 burpee tucks you need to do are crazy, fast and they are gonna make you cry (hahaha).

8. Weighted Calf Raise

Place a barbell on your upper back and lift those heels. Don’t touch the floor, actually go half way down. You really need to feel this because you’re gonna do it 50 times.

Take a one minute break and then repeat this gym HIIT workout 2 more times. If you enjoy this workout feel free to share it with your friends and to leave a comment below.

Gym HIIT workout

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7 years ago

What are reach and crushes?