Stop Snoring Before It Overpowers You! Here’s How

Stop Snoring Before It Overpowers You! Here’s How

Are you trying to stop snoring? We’ve got 7 different methods that work. Yes, they do!

Snoring doesn’t just cause inconvenience to your partner, it is also tremendously detrimental to your health as well.

Most snorers tend to live in denial and like to believe that they don’t have a problem.

If you snore only occasionally, you could blame it on the excessive alcohol you consumed the previous night or the sheer exhaustion you had one particular day at work.

However, if you’ve been snoring consistently, you may need to find a solution before it takes over your health.

Why do you snore?

Snoring essentially occurs when the airway from your throat to the nose gets blocked. The obstruction causes vibration, which then produces a snore.

Needless to say, this obstruction can be the source of a number of health conditions, most common being obstructive sleep apnea.

How Can You Stop Snoring?

Luckily there are a lot of gadgets and tricks to prevent and stop snoring nowadays, and here are the best methods:

1. Apply Nasal Or Oral Sprays

Anti-snoring sprays are gaining popularity as an effective remedy to stop snoring.

Depending on the nature of the sprays, you could either spray it in your nasal passage or consume it orally. In either case, the spray addresses the throat, which is usually the origin of the snore.

The anti-snoring spray acts as a lubricant on the tissues in the throat. This dramatically reduces the vibration, thereby minimizing instances of snoring.

Use Nasal Dilators To Stop Snoring

2. Use Nasal Dilators To Open Up Nostrils

There is a possibility that an allergy or flu is causing a blockage in your nasal passage. In such a situation, you may experience snoring originating from your nose.

There are a number of devices that you can use to counter this kind of snoring. One of the most effective ones apart from oral sprays are nasal dilators.

The nasal dilators are usually made of either plastic or rubber.

As the name suggests, the insertion of this device into your nostrils widens them. This subsequent enlargement of the nostrils allows for more space for the air to pass through the nasal passage, thus eliminating any instances of snoring.

3. Opt For CPAP Therapy

Continuous positive airway pressure, which is also abbreviated as CPAP, is a therapy that your doctor may suggest if your snoring is a result of obstructive sleep apnea.

Essentially, sleep apnea can lead to a host of health conditions like heart diseases, diabetes and even cause a stroke.

The lack of proper airflow gravely affects the levels of oxygen as you struggle to breathe in a rhythmic manner.

In such a situation, CPAP therapy can be a massive help as it opens up the airway enabling you to breathe at a normal pace. Not only does it eliminate the snoring, it also heals sleep apnea and the myriads of health issues associated with it.

4. Wear An Anti-Snoring Ring To Bed

Anti-snoring rings may seem a bit odd at first since they are not worn anywhere around the throat or the nose. Instead, this is an actual ring that goes on your little finger.

It is based on an ancient Chinese culture that practices acupressure.

As per this belief, there are certain acupressure points in our hands and legs that are connected to different parts of the body and addressing these points can heal the part that is associated with it.

The ring comprises a metal structure on the inside, which when worn on the little finger, adds pressure to the acupressure point that helps to stop snoring remarkably.

Use Anti-Snore Pillow To Stop Snoring

5. Sleep On Anti-Snore Pillows

Your sleeping position can vastly affect the intensity of your snoring. This is especially true if you tend to sleep on your back.

Employing this sleeping position pushes your tongue further into your throat causing a blockage in the airway.

However, an anti-snore pillow positions your neck in a way that keeps the airway from blocking and enables air to pass through freely from the throat to the nose.

6. Wear A Vestibular Shield When Sleeping

A vestibular shield looks much like a mouthguard. It is ideal if you tend to snore through your mouth.

In an ideal environment, the air from your throat must pass through your nose without any hindrance.

However, if you are a mouth-snorer, then chances are that the air passes through your mouth causing vibrations, which eventually leads to snoring.

In such a situation, a vestibular shield helps block the passage of air through the mouth. This compels the air to pass through the nose, keeping snoring at bay.

Use Nasal Strips To Reduce Snoring

7. Use Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are a cost-effective solution to snoring especially if you are a nose-snorer.

Its usage is extremely straightforward; you are required to stick the strip on the bridge of your nose. This expands the nostrils, letting air pass through without causing any blockage, thereby helping you to stop snoring.

Not only is snoring extremely unpleasant for your partner, who may have to spend several sleepless nights, it is also very hazardous for your health if not addressed earlier on.

Consulting with your doctor to understand which device would best suit you is essential as you may first have to examine the origin of your snore.

As you can see, there are some easy and handy methods to stop snoring. You just have you find the one that works best for you.

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