How To Easily Remove Skin Tags At Home In Just A Week

How To Easily Remove Skin Tags At Home In Just A Week

You should know that I am that kind of person who likes to take shortcuts whenever they occurs. And these days I searched for a safely and easy way to remove skin tags. I just wanted to save some money for a doctor’s appointment and to avoid lancing them off, because I know skin tags can bleed heavily and can leave a scar too.

So I was thinking for a different approach to remove skin tags, a more easy and natural way. And I stumbled upon 2 easy methods that caught my attention: using cleat nail polish and using apple cider vinegar. I tested both, but only one of these 2 methods to remove skin tags really worked.

I had a skin tag on my right leg and one more on my right breast, so there wasn’t much to experiment on. Also, I am not a doctor or a medical expert, but here is what didn’t work for me and what worked:

NO: Clear Nail Polish

I painted clear nail polish over the skin tag on my leg, but the result wasn’t the one I expected to be. The skin tag got bigger, I developed a rash around the skin tag and in the end, the skin tag wasn’t removed. So I would NOT recommend this method to remove skin tags!

YES: Apple Cider Vinegar

I soaked a very small square of cotton pad in organic apple cider vinegar, then I covered the skin tag with it and left it there over night. After 2 nights using this method, the skin tag turned black and I stopped the treatment. It fell off in about 5 days.

So in a week I managed to remove my skin tag without bleeding and without leaving a scar. No scars, but there was a bit of an acid burn from the apple cider vinegar, which is a strong acid. This happened because I didn’t protect the skin near the skin tag.

You don’t have to use the apple cider vinegar anymore, if the skin tag turned black or dark green. The skin tag is dead, so you just have to wait for it to fall off. Don’t pick!

How To Remove Skin Tags Better Than Me

If I had more skin tags, I would use the apple cider vinegar again to remove them, but I would do some things differently:

  • I would protect surrounding skin with Vaseline
  • I would start by just holding the cotton pad on the skin tag a few times a day to see if that works before leaving it on over night.

Also, here is another skin tag removal method you can try. Let me know in the comments below how you managed to remove skin tags and share this post with your friends. Stay fit!

How To Remove Skin Tags

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