8 Secrets To Make Your Body Crave Exercise

Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape or just live healthier, your body needs to learn to crave exercise. And these tips will definitely help you achieve this.

A boring exercise routine can make you wonder why you ever started exercising.

It could sap your energy rather than give you more, make you skip your routines and probably have you thinking about quitting altogether.

How do you make exercising fun? Is there something you should incorporate into your routine that you haven’t done yet? Well, let’s find out.

How To Make You Crave Exercise

Here are eight tips that will help you enjoy your exercise sessions and even make your body crave exercise:

1. Update Your Workout Music Playlist

If you don’t have a workout music playlist, then you should get one. Working out with music is one of the best ways to motivate yourself.

Playing rock, hip-hop or rap music has a way of getting into your head, and makes you feel more energetic.

Now, if you have a playlist you’ve been using for almost a month or more than, you will lose motivation and start seeing the exercise as something you need to do and get it over with, rather than what you would love to do every day.

So, if your playlist is getting stale, you may need to add new songs to mix with the old ones, or completely replace it with new ones. You can also swap with your friends too.

Music gives you the motivation to lift the weight 100 times without getting tired.

It makes your workout sessions more productive since your brain is confused about whether you are enduring pain or having fun, and it ends it on a cheerful note.

2. Invest In Your Routines

No, this is not referring to time and energy and all those serious words. Investing means new gym kits – sneakers, workout clothes, bags, earplug plugs, sports bra, hair band, timer, and anything you feel you need and can afford for your gym workout.

First of all, it will make you feel good because you look good and you are comfortable in your outfit.

Also, it makes you accountable. You won’t want your new sneakers sitting down there and gathering dust when you can do some running on it.

Buying them would also show how dedicated you are to making it work and serves as motivation.

3. Plan Different Types Of Workout

You don’t have to lift the weights, squat or burpee. You can do something entirely new like running a marathon, could be for competition, or just for fun.

Find out if any competitions are going on around the gym or in the area where you live and sign for it.

You could also do something different like kickboxing, taichi, yoga, intense dancing and the rest of them.

When you can take a break from the routine, you will appreciate it more when you get back to it.

4. Take Photos To Check Out Your New Body And For Fun

You’ve worked for it; you should enjoy it. Taking pictures of your weight loss and fitness journey makes exercising so much fun.

When you can see the changes in your body, the sculpted arms, the abs, the legs, you will be glad you started the journey.

And when you keep in mind that you have a picture to add to your album, you won’t want to miss exercising for anything.

5. Make Videos At The End Of Every Week

You can make it every day if you can. Record yourself working out with all the sweat and grind. Talk about your fitness journey, the challenges you encountered and how you have been holding up.

Watching those videos, later on, could make you see yourself as a fitness coach who should be responsible enough to direct others in doing the right thing and not giving up.

This helps you become a better version of yourself and would encourage you to go to the gym more often.

You can post videos on your social media. When you do this, you’ll be motivated to put up some more videos and to do so, you will need to exercise.

6. Get A Workout Buddy

A workout buddy makes working out fun. You do not need to hit the gym alone or do that sit-up all by yourself.

When you exercise with someone, you are more motivated and time seems to go fast too.

You both could choose a day and make it a competition day. Who can squat 100 times? Who can lift that weight 50 times? And so on.

When you have a workout buddy, you will want to work out every day. On days you get tired, he or she is going to drag you out to come and do some workout routines.

You are less likely to disappoint your body waiting for you at the gym.

If you don’t have any friends that are thinking of losing weight or building muscles, you can find a workout buddy in the gym where you go to.

Ask someone holding a position there to recommend someone for you. Chances are they know some dedicated gym members.

You could also use a workout buddy app. As a gym buddy yourself, you should remember you are also accountable for someone.

It is your responsibility to help the person stay positive, make sure your buddy makes it to the gym and on time too. Always give them your honest opinion and be a fun partner too.

7. Create A Reward Program For Yourself

You need to know how to reward yourself when you hit a particular milestone you’ve set for yourself. It could be 200 pushups, losing 10 pounds or running 10 miles.

Whatever the case, celebrate it by getting yourself something that is not related to food or junks. Rather than buying ice cream or hamburgers, you can actually get yourself a new sneaker, game stations, power bikes, or something new that would make you proud of yourself.

You could also reward yourself with a tall glass of smoothie after your workout routine.

It might not be a smoothie, it could be a long warm bath, just something to calms your nerves and rejuvenates you after the stressful workout.

This serves as some sort of incentive, giving you something to look forward to after exercising.

8. Work Out Like You Are The Last One Left In The World

Self-consciousness makes a lot of people procrastinate when it comes to working out. They feel like people are looking at the time and probably mocking them behind their backs.

Probably, they’ve been trying to lose weight for two months now and have not noticed any significant changes. And so they feel they are being laughed at for their failure.

If you feel like this, you aren’t getting any post body pictures.

Take the lead and pretend like you are the only one around. It’s all about you, your health and your psychological well-being. You can’t pass that up because you think to have the time to gloat.

The truth is, nobody might even be aware you exist unless you walk up to them and introduce yourself. And after that, they might even forget who you are all over again.

So, why make them the center of your focus? There are better things to do than that: your workout sessions.

Use these tips to make your body crave exercise, get the motivation you need, and reach your fitness goals easily.

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