Exercises For Lean Arms With Lightly Dumbbells

Exercises For Lean Arms With Lightly Dumbbells

The primary complain women have about arms is that they are flabby. You asked “How can I tone my arms without bulking up?”. The good news is you can have beautiful arms at any age with these simple, yet effective exercises for lean arms.

Today’s workout will work the arms and shoulders from every angle to tight and firm them up. What you’ll need is a pair of really light weight dumbbells (1-2 kg each). If you don’t have a pair of dumbbells, well, make your own dumbbells! Grab 2 water bottles (0.5 L) and fill them with stones and use them as weights.

Exercises For Lean Arms

For best results do this workout 2-3 times weekly on alternate days.

Start with 5-10 minute warm up by performing jumping jacks to get all your muscles ready for these exercises for lean arms. We will be doing 6 exercises, 15 repetitions per exercise, 3 sets per workout. Here are the workouts:

1. Arm Circles

Extend your arms by your side with your thumbs pointed down and perform 15 small circles forward. You should feel your entire arm working. Then reverse the move for another 15 times.

By performing this workout and by keeping your arms high up, you will be toning your arms, your shoulders and also your back muscles.

Arm Circles

2. Straight Punches

Stand shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward and keep your knees soft. Give straight punches and pull back to your side with one hand and then with the other one. You need to perform 15 punches on each side.

Straight Punches

3. Y to T Raise

This exercise for lean arms is going to work out mostly on your shoulders. Stand shoulder-width apart, keep your knees soft and bend from your waist. Now imagine you’re drawing a Y forward and a T to your side. Repeat this exercise for lean arms for 15 times.

Y to T Raise With Dumbbells

4. Tricep Kickbacks

Again keep your knees soft, your toes pointed forward, elbows lock by your side and just kick back. You’re only bending from your elbows and your shoulders should not be moving. Perform 15 reps and if you find this too easy then increase the number of repetitions.

Tricep Kickbacks

5. Bicep Curls To Outward Abduction

Stand shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward and arms besides you (with elbows bent at 90 degrees). Bring the dumbbells to your chest and bring them back down. Then extend the arms outward and get back to the starting position. This is one repetition and you need to perform 15 of these.

Exercises For Lean Arms

6. Alternate Shoulder Press And Twist

Keep your knees soft, place your arms by your side in 90 degrees and as you twist you need to punch up. While punching up works your arm muscles, twist your torso and you will be working on your waist as well.

Shoulder Press And Twist

This was set one of exercises for lean arms. Now that you know the workout, let’s speed up slightly and really push and give your best for the next 2 sets. To see real results you need to commit to this routine for at least 4 weeks.

Be sure to like and share this workout with your friends and family. Stay fit!

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