Easy Remedies That Help Get Rid Of Joint Pain

Easy Remedies That Help Get Rid Of Joint Pain

These lifestyle tips and easy home remedies can help you get rid of joint pain, swelling, and stiffness without the need for medication.

We refer to joint pain whenever we experience pain, discomfort or inflammation that comes from any part of our joints, bones, cartilages, ligaments or muscles.

However, the most common cause of chronic pain is arthritis, the inflammation of the joints.

There can be different types of arthritis, but the most common one is osteoarthritis.

Having this condition means that the layer of cartilage that lines with your bones is degenerating and this can cause swelling, pain, and stiffness.

If you have experienced joint pain, there are types of medication that can help to manage the pain. But beside medicine, you can get rid of joint pain with a few lifestyle changes and some home remedies.

How To Get Rid Of Joint Pain

If you have arthritis or you know someone with this condition, then these tips are what you need.

These remedies and lifestyle changes will help reduce your symptoms and even the progression of this condition.

1. Consume Omega-3

According to a recent review, including Omega-3 fatty acids o your diet will help reduce inflammation in your body. And it will also regulate the immune system which will help alleviate the arthritis symptoms.

A diet rich in Omega-3 will increase your metabolism and help promote fat burning. This, in turn, will help you lose weight so there will be less pressure on the affected joint. It will notably reduce joint pain.

You can find omega 3 fatty acids in nuts, flax seeds, anchovies, and fish like tuna, sardines, herring or salmon. Also, you can consume hemp seeds since they are full of anti-inflammatory substances.

So if you are suffering from arthritis, eat a small amount of these foods every day to regain your health.

2. Reach A Healthy Weight

This one can be self-explanatory. The more you weigh, the more strain you are putting on your body and on your joints.

This makes the cartilage break down more easily. And, in turn, will make the arthritis symptoms worse.

Try to maintain an adequate weight to relieve the pressure on your joints, the pain, and the stiffness.

3. Massage The Affected Area

Getting massages can be a great idea if you have pain in your joints. The massage will decrease the production of the cortisol hormone which is associate with stress and with the transmission of pain signals to your brain.

A message will increase the production of serotonin in your body which will help you improve your mood.

So, by getting regular massages, you will be able to get rid of joint pain caused by arthritis.

4. Take Vitamin D

People with arthritis have a low level of vitamin D. You need vitamin D in your system to help strengthen the immune system and your bones.

So when you are low on this vitamin, you can be predisposed to feel the symptoms of arthritis.

Being exposed to the sun is a great idea to absorb vitamin D. Or you can consume foods that contain vitamin D, such as fish, avocados, egg yolks, mushrooms, and dairy products.

You can also take Vitamin D supplements that can help you with your deficiency.

5. Try To Get More Sunshine Every Day

As I said before, a good way to absorb vitamin D is by getting some sun exposure.

Your body can accumulate vitamin D for up to 2 weeks even if you are staying in the sun with your clothes on or on a cloudy day.

So if you have arthritis, make sure you go outside in the sun every day for a few minutes. Just watch out for too much exposure that can lead to sunburns.

According to a study, people that live in places with low altitude, with rare sunny days, and with a humid and rainy climate have a tendency to suffer from more pain caused by arthritis.

6. Use Some Arnica

This plant has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, with components that act against pain, inflammation, and stiffness that is caused by arthritis.

Arnica Montana is the most effective in treating the symptoms of arthritis such as joint pain.

You can find this product in organic or botanic shops in the form of a cream or gel. Look for products that are 100% natural and free of any additives to make sure that they are effective.

7. Do Meditation

Practicing meditation is a great way to relieve stress and is a good option for people who suffer from chronic diseases such as arthritis.

Meditation can improve the quality of your life by helping you get rid of joint pain and relieving inflammation and morning stiffness.

By practicing meditation, you can cope with your illness and this, in turn, will help you maintain an active social life.

Meditation also fights depression, which usually accompanies chronic diseases such as arthritis.

Start with just 10 minutes of meditation a day. Your goal should be to practice meditation for 45 minutes a day, or for as long as you feel its necessary.

8. Use Cold And Hot Seed Pads

It can be beneficial to apply heat or cold to help relieve pain and inflammation from arthritis:

  • Heat can help you relieve stiffness and improve movement.
  • The cold will generate the release of endorphins that will produce a sense of well being. The low temperatures will also decrease the nerve response to the pain.

You can make these pads at home using some cotton cloth that you can fill with rice, oats or corn grains. All of these will maintain their temperature for a long time.

You can heat your pad in the microwave or in an oven, for a few minutes.

For cooling the pads, you just need to put them in the refrigerator.

When you are applying a heated pad, you should not use them for more than 20 minutes, and the cold one should be applied for only 10 minutes.

9. Add Ginger To Your Meals

The main ingredient in the ginger root is called gingerol. It’s a chemical compound that helps inhibit the substances that can cause joint pain and inflammation, according to scientific research.

The phytochemicals, the active components found in the ginger, can even help stop the development of your arthritis.

You can use ginger whether powdered or fresh to incorporate it into your meals. Just make sure that you are not using too much of it because it can be really spicy.

These home remedies can be incorporated into your daily routine easily. Try all these to get rid of joint pain and inflammation.

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