The Advantages Of A Hair Transplant Surgery

The Advantages Of A Hair Transplant Surgery

Do you suffer from hair loss? Then a hair transplant surgery may help you gain back not just your hair, but your confidence too.

Even though hair loss is a fairly common phenomenon, with nearly 40% of women and 80% of men experiencing it to some degree at one point in life, it still has negative impacts on the quality of lives of those suffering from it.

According to psychological research people with hair loss often report feelings of inadequacy and self-esteem issues. These psychological effects of hair loss can be unbearable at certain points.

The good news is that there are many clinics specialized in hair transplant, such as Vera clinic, which can provide the affordability and effectiveness of modern hair transplant surgeries. So the patients do not have to cope with them for all eternity.

Thanks to science and its advancement, hair transplant makes it possible for people to restore their lost hairs and confidence too.

Reasons To Opt For A Hair Transplant Surgery

For those suffering from hair loss and thinking about hair transplant surgery, here are a few reasons why you should go for it:

1. Permanent

Most patients are uncertain about hair transplantation. Surgery often seems extreme when compared to other forms of hair loss treatments and remedies.

While it’s better to deal with specific health issues using natural remedies, hair loss does not belong to this category.

Most non-surgical methods do not work for hair restoration. And on the rare occasions they do, patients have to apply or consume the treatments continuously. Meaning when they stop, hair loss will presume.

Hair transplant surgery is a one-time session that yields permanent results. During this procedure, doctors will extract donor hairs from areas of high hair density using a punch. Once the hair is obtained, doctors will then carefully implant them in thinning or bald areas to regenerate hair growth.

2. Natural Looking Results

One of the primary reasons why hair transplant surgeries have grown so popular in recent years is due to their ability to create natural-looking results.

Because doctors transplant hair from areas similar in texture to the bald regions and implant them there, the transplanted hair grows to blend well with the hair in the region.

The fact that this surgery depends on the patient’s own follicular units ensures authentic end results.

3. Minimal Downtime

Another reason that makes people reluctant about the procedure is the fear of long recovery periods. And if this is the case, patients can sigh in relief.

Hair transplantation and particularly FUE is microsurgery that only requires local anesthetics with no downtime. Patients can resume their daily activity right after surgery.

It is better if patients take a few days off work to rest, but if they want to go back to work, they may.

Doctors will provide patients with simple aftercare instruction, which are not an inconvenience to adhere to.

4. Restores Body Hair

A common misconception among patients is that hair transplantation is only for head hair. That information, of course, is false. Hair transplantation can be performed anywhere on the body.

Patients can increase the thickness of their brows or fill patches on their beard and mustache hair. The results are also permanent and authentic.

5. It’s Scar-Free

Since the equipment utilized is all micro in size, no scarring is left. This is a huge advantage for someone considering hair transplant surgery.

Anyway, we struggle enough with stretch marks and other types of scars on our bodies, so no one needs more of them.

Now, there are downsides to this procedure too, such as high pricing, which in most cases isn’t covered by your health insurance.

Hopefully, these advantages of hair transplant surgery will help you consider it if you feel like you’re losing your hair.

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