Fruit And Calories Content

Fruit And Calories Content


Placed under the protection of Pomona, goddess of abundance, apple was often cultivated in antiquity. Apple has had various meanings throughout history, considered a means of knowledge, tree of life or science of good and evil, bone of contention, attributed to Paris, golden apples from the Garden of the Hesperides, apple eaten by Adam and Eve, etc. . In addition, apple fruit was considered a medicine, becoming a reference point in dietary. It is tonic, refreshing, antiseptic, intestinal blood depurative and is indicated in asthenia, fatigue, rheumatism, arthritis, fever, insomnia, nervousness, headache.

100 Grams of apples contain:

– Calories: 51;
– Carbohydrate 12 g;
– Glycemic index: 38;
– Fiber: 2 g;
– Vitamin C 5 mg;
– Magnesium: 12 mg.


Pear is probably originated in northern India. In China, the flower was white and was considered a symbol of mourning and the ephemeral nature of existence. The Romans in the time of Pliny knew over 40 varieties of pears. The fruit is depurative, laxative, remineralizing and nourishing, as indicated in anemia, fatigue, TB.

100 Grams of fruit contain:

– Calories: 55;
– Carbohydrate 13 g;
– Glycemic index: 37;
– Fiber: 2.3 g;
– Vitamin C, 3 mg;
– Magnesium: 7 mg.

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