Fitness Routine With 5 Supersets For A Full Body Workout

Fitness Routine With 5 Supersets For A Full Body Workout

I have been sharing a lot of workout articles with you and you might been wondering what is my personal fitness routine. I have a very relax approach towards fitness. I train 3-4 times weekly to maintain my current weight. Each session lasts about 60 minutes long, sometimes a little more.

I like to train in the morning because it helps to kick-start my day full of energy and I would not have any excuses later on in the day. There isn’t such thing as “a best time to work out”. Workout when is most convenient to you because that way you are more likely to stick to your fitness routine.

My Fitness Routine

At the moment I train kickboxing once a week with a trainer friend and that is part of my cardio. For the other 2-3 times weekly I like to do total body superset training because:

  • it saves time;
  • it’s intense;
  • it’s great for fat burning;
  • it increases your heart rate;
  • it constantly challenging my muscles.

You have to find a workout which you enjoy doing and look forward to, in order to maintain a fitness routine long term. I like strength training in comparison to traditional cardio.

I perform 5 supersets, every superset for a total of 4 rounds. Whether if I am in the gym or at home, this is the workout I tend to do a lot:

1. Superset For Legs

Sumo Squat (20 reps)

I love sumo squats because it works on my thighs, hips, entire legs and it is also really great for the inner thighs.

Sumo Squat

Single Leg Lunge (15 reps on each leg)

This workout requires balance, which means I will also working on my core. Because I am working one leg at a time, I will be loading more weights onto my leg muscles and I can really feel it in my butt as well.

Single Leg Lunge

2. Superset For Chest And Back

Plank Row Push-Up (15 reps)

This is my favorite chest-back combination. It is very challenging as it works on my entire upper body, plus I can really feel it in my core muscles too. I love it because I am always struggling through, especially towards the final set.

Plank Row Push-Up

Deadlifts And Bent-Over Row (20 reps)

Deadlifts tight good the lower back , hamstrings and also core muscles. Bend-over row focuses more on the mid-back muscles. Always remember to keep your chest open, back straight and core tight when performing these exercises.

Deadlifts And Bent-Over Row

3. Superset For Chest And Tricep

I like to work on several muscles together. It is more challenging and effective to lean up.

Chest Press On Swiss Ball (15 reps)

Performing chest press on a Swiss ball means I will have to tighten my core in order to keep my balance.

Fitness Routine


Tricep Dips With Swiss Ball (15 reps)

This will increase the load on my tricep muscles and I will really have to engage my core in order to keep my balance.

Tricep Dips With Swiss Ball

4. Superset For Shoulders

Lunge And Shoulder Press (10 reps on each leg)

Start in a lunge position and as you bring your knee close to your body press both dumbbells above your head to work on your shoulders. Try to keep your balance by engaging your core.

Lunge And Shoulder Press

Round The Shoulders (20 reps)

For this exercise you will need very light weights (2-3 kg). Squeeze your shoulders as you bring the dumbbells above your head and as you lower it down behind you, squeeze your upper back muscles.

Round The Shoulders

5. Superset For Core

Crunch With Leg Extension (20 reps)

This exercise works on my upper and lower abs. Remember to only extend your legs as slow as you can without arching your lower back.

Crunch With Leg Extension

Spiderman (20 reps)

This exercise works on my side abs. Try to aim for your knee and elbow to touch.

Spiderman push-ups

Swiss Ball Plank Rocks (20 reps)

I rock slightly forward and back with my forearms. The further I extend forward and pull back, the harder and more challenging it will be on my core.

Swiss Ball Plank Rocks

If I’m in the gym I’ll usually end my session with 20 minutes of interval running on the treadmill. Or if the weather is nice I will go out for a jog. I love compound superset training because it is more efficient in building lean muscles, to tone up, burn fat and to increase strength and endurance.

So if you have a busy schedule you can follow my fitness routine. Of course, I do vary and change my fitness routine from time to time. Do share your fitness routine in the comments below. Stay fit!

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