These Fall Running Tips Will Keep You Safe This Season

These Fall Running Tips Will Keep You Safe This Season

When the days become shorter and the temperature drops, these fall running tips will help you stay safe while running over the fallen leaves.

Running in the fall can be incredibly rewarding. There’s a nip in the air and all the leaves are changing to the beautiful colors we all look forward to.

But that’s not why you’re running. It’s because you can’t live without it! And you can’t let the bad weather interfere with your fitness goals.

So I’ve put together some fall running tips so that this time of the year becomes your favorite running season of the lot!

4 Fall Running Tips You Must Know

Stay safe during the cooler season by following these obvious-but-forgotten fall running tips:

1. Take Advantage Of The Cooler Temperatures

The transition from summer to fall means that the temperature is going to drop significantly – good news for runners. Cooler temperatures make it easier to run for longer periods of time since you’re not contending with the heat!

Use fall as a way to explore longer running routes or try out high-intensity training, since you’ll likely have more success.

When fall arrives, you should include some time in your run to warm up and stretch properly before beginning. This will help your muscles tighten more easily in the cold.

Warming up before heading out can ensure you avoid any nasty muscle cramps or pains.

Although they can be great for helping us push our personal bests, with cooler temperatures comes more temperamental weather!

Watch out for any sudden freezes that might make the path under you slippery! You don’t want to be out of action for the rest of the season.

2. Have The Right Equipment

Like I said earlier, fall means cooler weather, so your shorts and light T-shirts are not the best ideas anymore!

Layers are the way to go when it comes to the fall. Go for light layers that you can take off as you run if you get too warm.

A good way to decide if you’re dressed warm enough is if you begin your run and you feel a bit chilly. This is because you’ll warm as you go, so not overdoing it with the layers will stop you from overheating.

Your clothes aren’t the only things you need to get right in the cooler weather. Slightly slippery pavements and frosty mornings aren’t easy on your joints. Make sure you head out with the right support if you struggle with joint pain, with something like a knee compression sleeve.

The fall is also a great time to get yourself some new running shoes! Most big companies come out with new styles in the fall, so check that the ones you have are in good working order (especially if you run a lot during the summer months). If they’re worn out, then head out and get yourself some new, comfy ones!

3. Stay Safe In The Dark

The cooler weather and changing leaves can be beautiful but fall means shorter days and longer nights. It’s important that if your running routine involves running in the evening, then you should keep yourself safe as the nights creep in.

As well as your regular running clothes, get yourself some high-visibility items to put on top so that you can be seen by traffic and other people around you.

It’s even more important in the dark to keep your footing since a nasty twist of the ankle is not something you want to contend with. Try to stay in places that are well-lit so that you don’t do yourself an injury.

As well as adjusting to the new habits you need to develop for running in the fall, don’t lose your old ones! Even though you don’t feel as thirsty or as warm, you still need to hydrate and wear sunscreen!

4. Set New Goals And Challenges

Lots of serious races and fun runs happen between September and April, which means fall is an excellent time to push yourself. Sign yourself up for a race or two to really boost your running game.

You can find some really fun ones around Halloween and Thanksgiving, which means you could really get the use out of those festive costumes…

Having a goal like that to work towards can motivate you to push yourself more than just about anything else.

If organized races aren’t your thing, then try improving your personal best or the length of your running route.

When it’s cold and dark out there, you’ll need more motivation than ever, so setting yourself new goals is a great way to do that.

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