Exercises For Seniors You Can Do With Your Parents

Exercises For Seniors You Can Do With Your Parents

Exercises for seniors are something we should all look into because we all have that aunt, uncle, or even parent who is getting older; and whose health is deteriorating; and who we really care about.

Well, if we want to help, we have to know where to start with physical exercise. If they are at a point where they need to work out, but they have had a sedentary life to this point, they will have to ease their way into exercising.

Here are a few exercises for seniors which can be done regardless of age, and which you can easily do with your loved one if you wish to help them start a healthier lifestyle.

But remember to get the doctor’s OK before trying the exercises below, even if they are really easy!

7 Exercises For Seniors

Best exercises for seniors:

1. Walking

Older adults are generally able to perform this exercise without problems. But if it proves to be difficult, they can start very slowly with a short walk around the block each day. They will soon be able to progress to longer walks, and then step up to brisk walking.

2. Swimming

If you want to try some exercises for seniors which involve the entire body, swimming is recommended.

This will involve all the muscle groups in the body. And the water will help relieve some of the pressure on the joints.

3. Toe Stands

This is an exercise which seniors can easily perform in the safety of their own home. All they need to do is grab the back of a chair for support, and lift themselves on their toes.

Older adults who need to improve their flexibility will benefit from this- and remember, it’s OK to start slowly!

4. Wall Pushups

This is one of the exercises for seniors that targets the upper body, specifically the arms and chest muscles. Depending on how far or close to the wall they are, the exercise can be more or less demanding.

5. Bicycle Riding

This can be done both on a regular bicycle, and be part of a nice ride-in-the-park routine, or it can be done at home on a recumbent bike.

Regardless, older adults will benefit from this not only because it builds muscles in the legs (which in turn improves their overall well being), but also because this can be an effective cardio exercise for seniors.

Biking can improve the functioning of the heart and it can help with cardiovascular endurance.

6. Side Leg Raises

These are not only good for strengthening the muscles at the sides of hips and thighs, but also they are exercises for seniors which improve balance.

While holding onto the back of a chair, have them lift one leg to the side as high up as it is comfortable (usually 6 to 12 inches to the side). Do this again with the opposite leg as well, and make sure the back is straight while performing this exercise for seniors.

7. Standing On One Foot

This type of exercise for seniors again targets the balance. Very many older adults have balance problems which can result in hip and leg injuries if they should stumble and fall.

Do you know any easy to do exercises for seniors? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

Exercises for seniors

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