Tips On How To Create Your Own Gym Clothes

Tips On How To Create Your Own Gym Clothes

After spending countless hours on Pinterest or Instagram, you are finally ready to start making your own gym clothes. Here’s how to do it!

You have some unique, creative ideas that rob you of precious hours of sleep, and want to see them come to life.

If this is your case, here are some tips to follow to get started making your own gym clothing line.

Start By Defining What You Want

There are many different categories of activewear these days. That is why, before getting started, it is important to know where your ideas are heading.

You may be looking at making a line of yoga pants or leggings and some tops, or maybe athleisure that you can wear both while exercising and throughout the day, or something completely new.

Also, you should know how much support you want your gym clothes to offer. You may want high-impact activewear that has maximum support while being flexible.

Or maybe your focus is not so much on support since you plan on using them more for activities like cycling or weight lifting.

Or better yet, you may be thinking about gym clothes that offer little support since they will be used for casual exercise, taking a walk, or just lounging around.

Design And Construction Elements

You want to end up with a final product that will make you proud. That is why you should pay special attention to add fine details to your final product.

Here are some important points to consider:

1. Fabric

Know what fabric you will be working with and choose wisely. It is generally recommended that for gym clothes you should go for moisture-wicking fabrics because they are designed to reduce odors and keep you feeling fresh.

Consider how much compression it offers and what colors you want to work with.

When it comes to the weight of the fabric, design for the season. If your gym clothes will be worn during the summer, you should go for lighter fabrics and do the opposite for cooler climates.

Ventilation is also important, add cutouts or mesh paneling to sweaty areas.

2. Integrate Paneling

When it comes to activewear, paneling is important because it can be used to target specific muscle groups.

If you are interested in running shorts, placing paneling that aligns with your quadriceps will nicely hold your muscles while you run.

Panels are fabricated in a certain way, integrating design elements for optimal support.

3. Add Reflective Pieces

In this case, the type of activity plays a role in the placement and amount of reflective materials that you will need.

If you plan on wearing your gym clothes at night, insert reflective details along the arms and back. If you are making shorts, add them to the sides.

4. Stitching

Your stitches should not only hold the pieces of your garment together. They should also be placed in such a way as to avoid causing irritation.

If you’re making compression clothes, opt for flatlock stitches. And if you want stitches that are invisible inside and outside, the bag out style will give you stitches that offer a clean finish.

Remember that all seams need to withstand being stretched.

Designing A Complete Collection Of Gym Clothes

Printful recommends that you shoot for a collection of between 8 and 15 pieces. This way you will have items that serve a specific purpose but will work well when combined.

You may consider including sports bras, pants, capris, or leggings, shorts, tops, and t-shirts, just to get started.

If you are interested in creating a full collection of athleisure, it pays to do some research.

You should become familiar with popular silhouettes, trends, colors, and other fashion factors that are being incorporated into gym clothes these days.

There is nothing that can compare to the sense of accomplishment when you are able to design your own gym clothes.

Producing unique, comfortable clothes that integrate distinctive designs and prints while allowing your skin to breathe and get the right compression in the right places will put a smile on your face every time you wear one of your own designs.

Don’t waste any more time wishing you could start making your own gym clothes. With the right imagination and a little bit of will, you can make your dream a reality.

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