Correct Position In The Office To Remove Back Pain

Correct Position At The Computer

Increasingly more young people complain of severe back pain, and for good reason: the large number of hours spent at work + lack of exercise in their free time = a recipe for pain, numbness and a hunched back. Many of us do not follow the correct position for our back when working in the office, out of convenience or ignorance. This is why I give you the main issues that need to be considered:

How To Get The Correct Position In The Office

1. Sit on the chair with your back straight and point your elbows on the seat handles and hands on the desk. Is elbow bent to 90 °? If not, adjust the seat height. It is important forearms  to stay comfortable and straight when typing, not raised.

2. To keep a correct seating position and backache, the bottom must be glued to back seat and lower back be arched, best with a special bracket or seat cushions . Most of us put a great pressure on the column placing the bottom on the middle of the seat and leaving us on back.

3. Adopting the position of point 2, make sure your knees are bent 90 °, keeping feet fully on the floor. If not, it means that the height of the seat is fitted incorrectly.

4. Make sure that, with your arms on the handles of the seat your shoulders are not tense. Your shoulders should be relaxed, lower, not to force the column or neck and to keep your back straight.

5. Another major cause of back and neck pain is neck position in the office. If you followed the steps above and your back is in the correct position, try to align the spine and neck. Many people hold their neck in front, due to the distance or incorrect positioning of the monitor, and without even realize, adopt this posture when they walk, and then it is difficult to weaning or correct this defect.

correct position

6. Now that your whole posture is correct, close your eyes, then open them. Eyes should be on the center of the monitor, otherwise you will force the neck and back. If gaze falls below or above the center of the monitor, adjust the height of it.

7. Not only the correct position at your computer is essential to avoid pain, but how often do you get up for a few steps. It is recommended that each hour reserve at least 2 minutes of movement, or as you walk around the house or do some light exercise.

correct position in office

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