Burned Calories In 5 Minutes Of Different Exercises

Burned Calories In 5 Minutes Of Different Exercises

Want to lose weight and you feel that whatever you do does not work? You may not know which are the most effective exercises that you have to do and how many calories are burned during them. Also, you have the possibility to use calorie counter to see how many do you burn daily.

Safest way to lose weight is to burn in the course of a day more calories than you consumed through food. But exercises that you do don’t give often results and this is because they are wrong executed or you don’t know which are most effective.

So, in what follows, we made a table of calories in which you’ll observe the number of burned calories in five minutes of different exercises, for fast and effective weight loss.

The table was made taking into account the characteristics of a normal person.

Exercises And Burned Calories

1. Zumba                      39 calories
2. Yoga                          25 calories
3. Elliptical bike         56 calories
4. Sport dance            29 calories
5. Pilates                       25 calories
6. Tape ran                   49 calories
7. Stepper exercises   34 calories
8. Swim                          30 calories
9. Tennis                       30 calories
10. Jumping rope        49 calories
11. Easy walk                 25 calories
12. Lifting Weights      30 calories

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