6 Tips On How To Properly Rest After Workout

6 Tips On How To Properly Rest After Workout

Do you think that if your muscles hurt after a workout, then you need to work out again? No, you need to properly rest after workout. Here’s how.

Almost everyone who goes in for sports, at least once in his life felt terrible after a workout: the body barely moves, the hands don’t rise, everything is in pain, and in general, it seems that the skating rink has run over you.

Unfortunately, many beginners pay a lot of attention to the exercise and forget to plan a rest after training. But proper recovery after physical activity has a big impact on the results of a workout.

That is why the rest period is the crucial part of a well-designed training program. What is the right way to rest after a workout?

Tips To Help You Rest After Workout

Here is what you should do to properly rest after a tough workout session:

1. Get A Massage

Light relaxing massage movements improve blood circulation, and therefore the transport of nutrients throughout the body. This helps the muscles recover and “refuel” much faster.

You can learn how to massage yourself at home; there are plenty of useful tutorials on YouTube.

Or you can contact professionals that know how to engage all your muscles during a massage session.

When choosing a professional massage therapist, such as those from spa massage Dubai, you can ask for a deep tissue massage. This is a type of massage specially designed for sports recovery.

The benefits of deep tissue massage include:

  • Relieving muscle tension;
  • Reducing stress and anxiety;
  • Treating back pain;
  • Improving athletic ability.

2. Cool Down

Cooling down is slowing down the pace of the workout, but not completely stopping it. The worst thing you can do in such a case is to sit still.

Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to muscle tissue. The faster these compounds get to their destination (through the bloodstream), the faster they start working, the faster you will feel better.

This doesn’t mean that you should return to your regular workouts. Light activity, at least a walk or stretching exercise, will do.

The keyword is “light”. Stretching is a great way to release tension, which can make you feel better, even though it won’t heal muscle tears or make them recover faster.

3. Replenish Fluid Loss

During exercise, a person loses a lot of fluid. As a rule, these reserves should be replenished during training. If this is not possible, be sure to drink water after the workout.

Ordinary pure water supports normal metabolism in the body and accelerates its recovery.

So, to help your muscles properly rest after workout, make sure to drink at least 2-3 glasses of water after each workout session.

4. Eat After Workout

Exercise depletes energy reserves. However, if these reserves are not replenished enough, the body will begin to save energy, and there may not be enough strength for the next workout.

The best option is a meal of high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates an hour and a half after training.

This will help your body “recharge” and rest after workout, making it ready for the next session.

5. Take A Contrast Shower

The walls of blood vessels contract under the influence of cold and expand under the influence of heat, improving blood circulation throughout the body.

By quickly changing the water temperature from hot to cold in the shower, you’ll help your muscles relax and rest after workout.

A contrast shower not only relieves pain in the muscles but also improves the elasticity of the vascular walls.

As you can see, the benefits of taking a contrast shower are all in favor of helping you regenerate after a tough workout.

6. Get Enough Sleep

The human body has an amazing ability to take care of itself. So, for example, during sleep, the body produces growth hormone, which is largely responsible for the restoration and growth of tissues.

After a workout, go to bed early. Allow yourself to stretch and soak in bed before falling asleep. You can even read a good book at night as long as it is a physical one, not an ebook on your iPad or phone.

If you want to properly rest after workout, avoid staying up late on the phone or TV. This bad habit can mess up your entire progress.

Why Is The Recovery Period So Important?

Human muscles need rest because, with a serious load, muscle tissue receives many microtraumas and loses the supply of glycogen – glucose, which is necessary for nutrition.

The recovery period takes from 24 to 48 hours. This is why professional athletes don’t train the same muscle groups two days in a row.

Final Say

Don’t force things and don’t neglect the periods of rest after training: they bring you closer to achieving your goals.

If you feel pain, fatigue, or notice a decrease in performance during your workout, take a break and let your body recover.

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