Build Muscles Using The 28 Bodybuilding Training Method

Build Muscles Using The 28 Bodybuilding Training Method

To build muscles and add some variety to your training and experience some amazing muscle growth is what everybody is looking for. So the 28 training method might be for you.

If you’ve been pumping iron for a while to build muscles, you have probably heard of endless different methods to achieve maximum results. Some of them are similar, others completely opposite of what you’ve been told in the past.

Success doesn’t have a blank definition. Our goals, our time available, our body types, and our lifestyles all impact our results. What works well for one might be a waste of time for someone else.

If you follow the bodybuilding circuit, you may know about the 21 Method. This method asks you to complete 21 reps of a move–be it a bicep curl or a squat– in three mini-sets of variations.

The 28 Method adds an extra mini-set of reps for an extra muscle-building boost. These mini sets include regular movement, slow movement, the bottom half of the movement, and the top half of the movement.

There is no rest until the 28 reps are complete.

How To Build Muscles Using The 28 Method

Whether you decide to work out in the local gym to build muscles or stock up on strength equipment and create your own training haven at home, the 28 Method is a great way to add some extra kick to your training plan and help you reach your goals.

Here’s how to apply the 28 method to your current workout for the best results:

1. Regular Movement

Build Muscles - Regular Movement

Your first mini-set will be no different from your usual movement. Use your full range of motion and complete the reps as you would usually.

As you’re doing sets of 28, your weight should be lower than what you would usually use to complete seven reps. Therefore, you will likely fly through this portion of the set.

Just remember to save some energy because things get ugly fast when using this training method.

2. Slow Movement

Build Muscles - Slow Movement

After you complete your seven reps of regular movement, repeat them while moving slower. You can do this by adding a three count at each end of the movement or adding a pause.

For example, if you are bench pressing, you would count to three to slowly lower the bar to your chest. You would then count to three to slowly press the bar upward.

In a squat, you would count to three as you slowly get lower and again as you begin to come up from the bottom.

Alternatively, pause with the bar on your chest or at the bottom of the squat to change things up. This mini-set encourages you to use your strength rather than power and momentum.

3. Top Half Of The Movement

Buil Musles - Top Half Movement

Experimenting with different ranges of motion is a great way to build strength while training. It is especially effective in helping you get through your sticky spots in certain lifts.

For example, deficit deadlifts (standing higher than the weights) can help you get the weight off the floor if that is your problematic area.

Alternatively, rack pulls get you to pull the weight from the top half of the lift, which can be effective if you have trouble locking out at the top.

To do the top half of the movement, you simply reduce your range of motion by half.

In a bicep curl, this would mean curling to the top of the movement with the bar or dumbbells near your face, then only extending to ninety degrees. A squat would turn into a quarter squat, and a bench press would resemble a Spoto press.

On paper, this mini-set sounds like you’re only doing half the work and therefore only feeling half the effort. In reality, this is where your muscles start to tire out, leaving you eager to charge through the rest of the workout.

4. Bottom Half Of The Movement

Build Muscles - Bottom Half Movement

Similar to the previous mini-set, the last seven reps reduce your range of motion by half. This time, however, you’ll be focusing on the bottom portion of the movement.

In a bicep curl, this would have you curling between the ninety-degree mark and full extension toward your legs.

During a squat, you’ll hold your ground at the bottom of the movement, and pulse upward to the halfway mark.

And in a bench press, you’ll get that full explosion off the chest, but without reaching a full press.

5. Relax And Recover

Build Muscles Using The 28 Method - Recover

Make sure your effort isn’t in vain and give your muscles a proper recovery after such a tough workout. There are some things you need to do after a workout:

  • Get a proper meal and supplements 30 minutes after the workout.
  • Do 30 minutes of mindful yoga.
  • Use a handheld massager to get a massage to relieve muscle stress. Or get a professional full-body massage.
  • Just sit and let your muscles recover.
  • Sleep well during the night for at least 8 hours.

Bringing It Home

When you’re training, heavy weights and low reps are great for building strength. To build muscle and support in your training, you’ll need to throw in a blend of low weights and high reps as well.

The 28 bodybuilding training method is a great option for shaking things up, making you stronger and more muscular.

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